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JoJo Siwa shows off her ‘iconic’ rainbow-coloured home on Cribs, with unicorns, a doll wall and ‘JoJo toilet’

JoJo Siwa has shown off her enormous new home on MTV’s Cribs, and it’s just as understated and minimalist as you’d expect.

We’re joking, of course, it’s the most colourful place we’re ever seen, and a kid’s absolute dream.

Fans might have seen the home after the teenage YouTube star showed fans around the enormous mansion, but things have changed an awful lot since then.

She’s had more time to make it her own and add a whole load of personality, with unicorns, rainbows and colour at every turn.

Opening her family home to the MTV crew, JoJo showed viewers around her games room, her doll wall and her bathroom – which features a JoJo toilet, covered in pictures of her own face.

There are display cases everywhere showing her outfits, including with the original costume worn in the Boomerang music video, which JoJo described as an ‘iconic piece of my life history’.

My Celebrity Life –

JoJo Siwa gave a guided tour on Cribs (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

The house is ‘more iike a theme park’ (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

JoJo Siwa checks in with her brother on Cribs (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

Every room of the presenter’s home is full of colour (provider: MTV)

JoJo also introduces her parents and her brother, who is busy putting together a class in ‘gourmet rainbow cupcakes’ in the kitchen.

Speaking about her favourite part of the house, JoJo said: ‘Everyone likes to hang out on the kitchen island – it is almost funny. We have a running joke. We have such a great house.

‘There are plenty of areas. But everyone loves the kitchen island. The whole house is so crazy. And we love crazy, but it is the chill area.’

Check out more snaps of JoJo’s pad below:

My Celebrity Life –

JoJo has a unicorn in her front hall (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

The games room is complete with a doll wall (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

JoJo’s iconic fridge, compete with popsicle draw (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

The ‘JoJo toilet’ in all its glory (Provider: MTV)

My Celebrity Life –

JoJo has fun showing MTV around her kitchen (Provider: MTV )

Speaking on the show, JoJo said: ‘One thing about my house is, it is definitely not a normal house. It is so colourful and so magical. It is like the opposite of a normal house. It is so much fun. It is literally like a JoJo Siwa theme park.’

JoJo is one of the most popular stars on the internet, with the video for her single Boomerang racking up more than 927 million views.

MTV Cribs airs Mondays at 8pm on MTV UK.


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