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Julian Barratt wants a Mighty Boosh reunion with Noel Fielding

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Julian Barratt wants Mighty Boosh reunion with Noel Fielding (Picture: BBC)

Julian Barratt has revealed he wants to have a Mighty Boosh reunion with Noel Fielding – and we are so down for that!

The pair launched the comedy in 2004, seeing the show run for three successful years before it came to an end in 2007.

But it didn’t stop there, as they boys then took the project on the road a year later and toured across both the UK and Ireland with The Mighty Boosh Live: Future Sailors Tour – which wrapped up in January 2009.

And it looks as though both Julian and Noel could be bringing it back if the coronavirus ever allows live shows to return.

When chatting to Radio Times, the comedian said: ‘We think we might do something live at some point for people who grew up on us who want to see us.

‘We’ll see where we go from there. That’ll be in a bit. I don’t know when.’

My Celebrity Life –

Someone needs to make this happen (Picture: REX)

Although a standup version sounds promising, it appears Noel and Julian might not be looking to return to the small screen just yet.

After all, they both now have families to prioritise, with Noel becoming a father to his now two-year-old daughter Dali, while Julian has 13-year-old twin sons Walter and Arthur.

‘I don’t know,’ he said of reprising the TV show. ‘We’d have to get back on the Boosh-mobile first.

My Celebrity Life –

They could be returning to the stage (Picture: REX)

‘It was so all-consuming when we were doing and we both do different things at the moment. We’d need to get back on that horse, if you know what I mean.’

Addressing his current friendship with Noel, the 52-year-old pressed: ‘Noel and I are still friends. He’s had a daughter and I’ve got boys and we’re doing that for a bit […] He lives very close to me, so I do actually see him most days.’

It comes after Noel teased a Mighty Boosh return earlier this year on Instagram.

‘There really wasn’t enough Boosh this decade!’ he wrote. ‘Let’s try and rectify that in the next one.’

The Boosh fell under fire this year amid the Black Lives Matter movement seeing Netflix axe the show for Noel’s blackface character Spirit of Jazz.


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