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Kate Garraway clashes with Alex Salmond in tense interview as he accuses her of ‘interrupting’ him

Kate Garraway was accused of ‘interrupting’ Alex Salmond during a tense interview on Monday’s Good Morning Britain.

The former First Minister of Scotland was on the show to talk about the launch of his new pro-independence political party Alba.

Kate wanted to quiz him about his court trial in 2019 and when he had last been in touch with Nicola Sturgeon, who has said she has ‘no intention’ of working with him if he is elected.

The pair not only battled with their interview topics, as Salmond was keen to stick to talking about Alba, but also technology as Salmond pointed out the delay between them kept prompting Kate to speak over him.

At one point he was also left sitting in the dark as the light in the room he was speaking from went off.

‘Way back, some considerable time ago. Look, politics is about people, it’s about the people of Scotland. It’s about the people who are going to vote,’ Salmond said in relation to Sturgeon.

Salmond clashed with host Kate Garraway as he felt she was ‘interrupting’ him (Picture: ITV)

‘We’ve seen you in a certain light involved in a certain story, do you not have to clear up how you’re going to work with Nicola?’ Kate said.

Salmond replied: ‘The jury was in a year ago, predominantly female jury cleared me of all charges in front of a lady judge. But the key point about that is actually, it behoves us all to get onto a positive future for the people of Scotland.’

He added that Scotland have been ‘talking about this for two years’ as Kate put forward that Sturgeon has gone on record declining to work with him.

As Kate chimed in with another query once more, Salmond said: ‘Kate if you keep interrupting me and the delay on the line it’s going to be very difficult to conduct the interview. Will you let me answer the question?’

He continued: ‘Not just myself and Nicola, but all politicians have to cooperate on common cause, if the people elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister then I’ll cooperate with Nicola Sturgeon.

‘If people elect Alba into the Scottish parliament, with that strong predominant list of feminist politicians, a Party led by me, then of course we’ll be part of that contribution and part of the positive atmosphere. The national interest is above personalities, Kate. That’s why our positive campaign is striking a note with the people of Scotland.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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