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Kate Garraway ‘desperate for nurses to be rewarded’ as she thanked those who ‘saved’ husband Derek amid Covid-19 battle


Kate Garraway has praised the nurses who ‘saved’ husband Derek Draper’s life when he became gravely ill with Covid-19.

Derek, her husband of 16 years, battled the virus in intensive care for a year.

The 53-year-old suffered from rare brain inflammation and the virus attacked his lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas, with doctors saying that Derek had the worst Covid infection of any surviving patient.

Kate, 54, said on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain that she is ‘desperate’ for nurses to be rewarded for the care they gave to Derek.

During a segment on the ongoing NHS pay rise row, she did add that there are other people in the public sector who also deserve higher pay.

Speaking to Pat Cullen from Royal College of Nurses she said: ‘The problem is, and nobody could be more desperate for nurses to be rewarded than me. Nurses, I think, saved Derek’s life and are still very involved in keeping him alive because it’s the nursing care – as well of course as the brilliant doctors – but that care during those critical days and months made all the difference.

‘But the problem is it was 2%, then 1%, then it was an independent review that decided 3%, and we are two trillion pounds worth in debt, and there are people in the private sector who work incredibly hard who are losing their jobs.

‘There are others in public sector who got no pay rise, so 12% you won’t get, there has to be some form of compromise.’

She was later asked by co-host Richard Madeley about her thoughts on the pay rise row as she had a ‘personal’ connection to the NHS because of what Derek had been through.

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Kate’s husband Derek is now home from hospital (Picture: ITV)

‘If it was up to me you couldn’t pay them enough,’ the broadcaster said.

‘It’s extraordinary what all members of the NHS did, but nurses particularly. It’s the detail in a critical situation like with a virus that nobdy knew the impact of at the time Derek got sick.

‘The detail, the cell count, a lot of that is passed to the nurses and it’s getting that right that makes all the difference. I can’t say enough, of course they should get more. But it’s a difficult job for the government to balance that.

Referring to her husband’s ongoing care she added: ‘The job is not done and we want to make sure there’s enough [NHS workers] to keep the job going.’

While he has been able to speak a few words to Kate and their kids Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11, since returning home, Kate previously admitted that her husband is still ‘devastated’ by the effects of Covid.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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