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Kate Garraway feels she has ‘failed her children’ with homeschooling during lockdown

Kate Garraway spoke of the difficulties she and her children faced with homeschooling when the UK went into lockdown last year during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The newsreader, who has son Billy, 11, and daughter Darcey, 15 with husband Derek Draper, said she ‘failed’ to support her children when they were trying to continue their studies at home.

Her comments came during a discussion on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain about whether school exam grades were improving because of the pandemic or for other reasons.

Kate weighed in saying that children, like everyone, have found the situation tough, adding that she of course was also dealing with Derek being hospitalised with Covid-19 for the entire year.

Her husband of 16 years suffered from rare brain inflammation and the virus attacked his lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas, with doctors saying that Derek had the worst Covid infection of any surviving patient.

Kate described homeschooling as ‘an absolute struggle’ (Picture: ITV)

While he has been able to speak a few words to Kate, Darcey and Billy since returning home, the TV star previously admitted her husband is still ‘devastated’ by the effects of Covid.

‘It’s been almost impossible for youngsters to deal. It’s been an absolute struggle,’ she said on Good Morning Britain.

‘I know that I have frankly failed my children in supporting them with their home schooling.

‘I know I had a very specific set of circumstances going on for the bulk of the time, but I found it very difficult to get online and help them to work their way through the system.

‘It was very, very challenging so I think maybe the teachers knew that and knew the potential and were trying to off weigh the mental challenges they had.’

Ben Shephard spoke about his own son Sam, and felt the achievements of children and young people shouldn’t be ‘undermined’.

‘I know how hard he has worked, A-level students as well,’ Ben said, ‘they have been continually assessed all the way through.

‘Sam didn’t sit one exam, he had to sit five or six because they wanted a fair assessment of how he has done.

‘I don’t like the idea that students who have worked seriously hard are having their achievements undermined by us questioning if [Education Secretary] Gavin Williamson did the right thing.

‘From their perspective they just had to face what was in front of them.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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