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Kelle Bryan’s late grandmother’s ‘ghost’ told her she would have a baby after doctors ruled out pregnancy

Kelle Bryan has claimed a figure of her late grandmother appeared and told her she would ‘have a baby’ despite doctors ruling out a pregnancy.

The 46-year-old star, who was diagnosed with lupus in 1998, has recalled seeing the spirit of her nan at the foot of her bed before she was pregnant.

Appearing on Monday’s episode of ITV show Loose Women, she said: ‘My nan passed away – this was years ago – and I was away from home, doing panto which meant I was staying in a room on my own.

‘I was asleep and I felt something tugging at the duvet. I remember just feeling half asleep but the tug was consistent. I was so scared and I looked up, and I look towards the end of the bed and it was just my nan.

‘It was a figure of her – I can’t say that it was a ghost. It was definitely her because I recognised her face. She looked well. She looked younger and happy and youthful, and she just simply said, “You will have a child”.

‘And at that time – I’m diagnosed with lupus and I was told I wouldn’t be able to have children. So, it was a really significant thing that she was saying to me.

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The star opened up about her experience (Picture: ITV)

‘She said, “You will have a child”, and I looked at her and I was really scared. I just said, “Nan I’m really scared, you’re frightening me.” ‘

Kelle – who now has kids Regan and Kayori Rose with her husband Jay Gudgeon – also opened up about Halloween and admitted she finds it an ‘interesting’ situation to address with her children because of her faith.

I’m a Christian so I don’t believe in Halloween. it’s an interesting one to navigate when you’ve got an eight-year-old and a 10 year old,’ she said.

‘But it’s really interesting this year because they’re been saying to me, “We don’t believe in Halloween so shall we do this instead?” Which has been quite interesting to see that growth in them. I don’t think I would have had the same conversation last year.’

The singer and actress was diagnosed with lupus, an autu-immune disease which causes the body to attack its own healthy cells, in 1998.

She previously said she was unable to touch her own children in case she picked up an infection, which could have killed her.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.


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