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Killer bludgeoned pensioner to death before grabbing coffee with victim’s son

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William Kean bludgeoned jenny Methven to death in 2012 (Picture: CRIME+INVESTIGATION)

The killer of 80-year-old Jenny Methven had coffee with his victim’s son after bludgeoning the pensioner to death.

The horrific details will come to light in Kym Marsh’s new crime documentary, Murder At My Door.

Jenny’s son David Methven had been friends with 46-year-old killer William Kean for over 20 years and were so close they called each other brothers, with David’s mother Jenny, treating William like family.

However, in February 2012, David returned to the cottage he shared with his mother, only to find her covered in blood with horrific head injuries.

Jenny has been hit over the head at least 11 times with such ferocity that her skull was fractured from one side to the other, and bone splinters were embedded in her brain.

Margaret Dennis had been best friends with Jenny for more than 20 years and used to speak with her on the phone ‘two or three times a day’.

My Celebrity Life –

Margaret spoke with Jenny every day (Picture: CRIME+INVESTIGATION)

Speaking to about that fateful day, Margaret recalled how the horrific incident unfolded.

‘We used to speak on the phone two or three times a day and I spoke with Jenny most mornings,’ Margaret told us.

‘I tried phoning her on the morning of her death and I couldn’t get through, but I thought her dog may have knocked the phone off its hook.

‘My friend rang me, then my younger sister phoned me to say something had happened and said something had gone on at Jenny’s.’

My Celebrity Life –

Jenny was murdered by a family-friend (Picture: CRIME+INVESTIGATION)

‘I just kept pressing re-dial but there was no answer so I called David and left him a message saying “Your mum’s phone must be off the hook” and that’s when I discovered it wasn’t,’ she added.

The investigation was one of the biggest ever carried out by Tayside Police, with approximately 80 officers dedicated to the inquiry and forensic experts spent over a week combing the cottage for evidence.

This evidence eventually led them to David’s friend William.

My Celebrity Life –

David visits his mum’s grave often (Picture: CRIME+INVESTIGATION)

My Celebrity Life –

William killed Jenny in cold blood (Picture: CRIME+INVESTIGATION)

Right from the beginning, William denied the charge and blamed David for Jenny’s death.

‘I had never met Willie (William),’ Margaret continued. ‘But Jenny would talk about him and his wife because sometimes they would come down and cut Jenny’s grass.

‘David and Willie would meet every couple of days after the murder for a coffee.

‘To my knowledge, the only thing we can come to the conclusion (for why he killed Jenny) was jealousy. He wanted what David had.’

In August 2012, William was found guilty of bludgeoning Jenny to death and sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years.

The four-part series Murder at my Door with Kym Marsh premieres on CRIME+INVESTIGATION with the third episode airing tonight at 9pm.

Episodes will be available for 30 days on catch up and on-demand services.


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