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Kim Kardashian clears up concerns she was ‘f***ing sleeping’ after second sex tape threats 

Kim Kardashian was reportedly ’joking’ about worries there could be more footage of her filmed by ex-boyfriend Ray J after she asked: ‘What if I was f***ing sleeping and he stuck a dildo up my a**?’

The first episode of The Kardashians aired on Hulu and Disney Plus in the UK this week, and as expected, it was full of drama.

One moment showed Kim, 41, being consoled by ex-husband Kanye West, 44, as she ’99 percent sure’ there was no more filmed outside of her famous sex tape.

She had received threats from Ray J’s manager that more from the sex tape would come out, which led to her breaking down in tears.

The sex tape was made in 2002 when the couple were dating and was leaked in February 2007, just as The Kardashians began filming.

Talking about the viral video, Kim said: ‘For 20 years this has been held over my head, of this mistake, or is it a mistake?

‘This was my boyfriend of years. We go on a trip, we film a video. It’s embarrassing for that to be out there, but it’s not the most scandalous thing and I’m not going to be made to feel this way. I’m just human.’

Kim got on the phone to her lawyer Marty (Picture: Hulu)

She went on to say: ‘I’m 99% sure there’s no new footage, but the fact these people keep saying they have a tape.

‘What if I was f***ing sleeping and he stuck a dildo up my a**? I don’t know.

However, sources close to the star have called the comment ‘funny’ and that she didn’t mean it to be taken seriously.

‘The comment was funny and dramatic, in the moment with Kris and Khloe to drive home the point she really did not remember there being another tape,’ an insider told TMZ.

The outlet reported episode two will show Kim going to great lengths to make sure there is no additional footage, and Kanye will even hand the hard drive over to his former partner.

Saint found his mum on his Roblox game (Picture: Hulu)

It came after she spotted an ad on her son Saint’s, 6, game of Roblox, with a picture of her crying alongside the caption: ‘Kim’s new sex tape.’

Kim went on to add: ’It’s not OK though, it’s not,’ Kim sobbed. On Roblox, Saint was on Roblox yesterday and a f***ing thing popped up and he started laughing and it was a picture of my cry face.

‘It was a game that someone made of Roblox and it said Kim’s New Sex Tape when you clicked on it. Thank god he can’t f***ing read yet. And it’s like over my dead body is this s**t going to happen to me again. I just want it gone. This is not gonna f**k with me. It’s not, so I just want it gone.’

‘Had my son been a little bit older and had been able to read, I would have been mortified… I almost died when Saint laughed at it.’

Kim had instructed her lawyer Marty Singer to ‘scare the s**t’ out of Ray J’s manager, to ensure her children remained protected from the saga.

The Kardashians airs on Disney Plus and Hulu.

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