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Kim Kardashian thinks she had agoraphobia after 2016 Paris robbery as she opens up about ongoing anxiety issues

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Kim Kardashian said her struggle with coming out of lockdown reminded her of what she went through in 2016 (Picture: E!/YouTube)

Kim Kardashian feels she developed agoraphobia and anxiety after she was the target of a terrifying robbery in Paris in five years ago.

The reality TV star was held at gunpoint and tied up while in the French capital for fashion week in 2016, with intruders making off with millions of dollars worth of jewellery. Her bodyguard was with her sisters at the time.

Coming out of lockdown during the pandemic brought back the fears she had then as she felt unsafe being outside and tried to avoid fans who approached her and estranged husband Kanye West in the street.

Speaking to sister Khloe in a bonus scene from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim said: ‘I have not left my house really since quarantine. I was so freaked out.

‘People were trying to come up to Kanye and talk to him. People were trying to come up to me and ask for photos and I was like, “Absolutely not.” I would stop people and be like, “Get away, this is my first time out. I’m not comfortable with you coming a step closer”.’

‘It’s just crazy that people even feel that comfortable going up to someone,’ Khloe said.

Her sister continued: ‘Like, “Can we have a selfie?”. Absolutely not. No, no, no. Unless you have a selfie stick and wanna do it six feet away. That was like high anxiety on another level.

‘I feel like I had agoraphobia, definitely, after my robbery in Paris. Definitely would stay in, hated to go out, I didn’t want anyone to know where I was or be seen. I just had such anxiety.’

‘Then I feel I was just getting back into it, we’d just gone to Paris, we just started travelling again, and then quarantine happened and I’m such a freak all over again and I never wanna leave.’

Khloe said she ‘supported’ Kim going at her pace, adding: ‘If you don’t want to I don’t think you have to. Just because things are opening up doesn’t mean it’s safe. Protect yourself and your family at all costs.’

Agoraphobia is a fear of being in a situation where escape might be difficult or help would not be available if things go wrong.

More than just a fear of open spaces, it could also include a fear of leaving home or travelling on public transport. Those with agoraphobia may experience symptoms of a panic attack if they find themselves in a stressful situation.

The mum-of-four has admitted in the past that she felt responsible for what happened to her, believing that she overshared her lavish life by posting snaps of her jewels on social media and letting her followers know her location.

She added: ‘But I enjoy my life. Someone said to me the other day, “What is it like being you?” It’s awesome.’

However Kim feels she has become less materialistic since, telling New York magazine: ‘I truly think once I got robbed, it took something out of me in the best way.

‘All the things that really mattered to me then deeply – how many bags I had, what car I drove … I still like all that stuff, but it doesn’t matter. It could go away.

‘For so long, people have tried to partner me with things. But this was the first thing where I thought, You know what? I want to go to law school. I want to help people. Let me work for the next 10 years and build up my brands, and then one day, in 10 years, just give up being Kim K and become a lawyer.’

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