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Kings of Pain star Adam Thorn vomits after getting bitten by venomous lizard: ‘It’s burning!’

Adam Thorn gets bitten by a venomous lizard in the new series of Kings Of Pain (Picture: History)

Kings of Pain star Adam Thorn volunteered himself to get bitten by a venomous lizard but quickly found himself vomiting due to the pain.

In scenes from the upcoming second season of the History Channel show, the self-professed ‘animal adventurer and jungle explorer’ bravely or stupidly sacrificed his arm so a Mexican beaded lizard could sink its teeth into it.

No sooner than Adam had put himself in harm’s way for science was he crying out in agony.

‘Instant pain!’ he screamed. ‘It’s burning. So damn bad.’

Describing what he was feeling, Adam shrieked in a clip obtained by TMZ: ‘It’s like acid. Acid in my veins, man.’

The Mexican beaded lizard can cause excruciating pain with its venom, which may extend well beyond the area bitten and persist for up to 24 hours.

Other common effects of bites on humans include swelling, weakness, sweating, and a rapid fall in blood pressure.

The lizard sunk its fangs into Adam’s arm (Picture: History)

Adam rates his stings and bites out of 30 and he gave this tiny ball of ouch a score of 26.5.

This isn’t Adam’s first rodeo, however, as he’s been bitten and stung by a number of animals throughout the course of his career.

In 2019, Adam and his Kings Of Pain co-star ‘Caveman’ Rob were bitten by a reticulated python, and described the pain as ‘the most bloody and horrific bite on our pain index.’

‘We knew a bite from a 16 foot Reticulated Python would be bad but we didn’t expect it to be THAT bad!’ he wrote in a post on Instagram.

‘In the wild, large pythons shouldn’t be messed with unless you know what you’re doing. We demonstrated exactly what can happen when a large wild python is defending itself.

‘In captivity, they can be super chilled and can actually make great pets. Wild vs captive is a different ball game.’

Adam revealed that he and Rob both have large permanent scars as a result of the bite, with Rob suffering from nerve damage in his hand.

‘We by no means want to demonise these animals, more warn people what these animals are capable of if people mess with them,’ he said.

For context though, Adam rated the lizard bite higher than the reticulated python, which he scored 25.75.

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