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Leigh-Anne Pinnock questioned if she was right for racism documentary after colourism backlash

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s documentary Race, Pop & Power is streaming now (Picture: BBC)

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock has said she questioned whether she was right to front her BBC documentary Race, Pop & Power after colourism backlash.

Her documentary aired earlier this week and explored racism in modern society, besides discussing issues of colourism, which is the prejudicial treatment of people of the same race based on the colour of their skin.

Leigh-Anne, who recently announced she’s expecting her first child, revealed her doubts over whether to go ahead with making the film were soon quashed after she sat down with Labour MP Dawn Butler.

‘It was really hard,’ the 29-year-old said. ‘Seeing the comments upset me and I questioned whether I’m the right person for this.

‘But in the documentary I met [Labour MP] Dawn Butler who said something to me: “When all is said and done, what’s going to be written next to your name in the history books?”

‘I left that meeting feeling more empowered and ready to carry on with my journey.’

Leigh-Anne added: ‘I know I’m doing a good thing and this conversation is huge – racism and colourism. I wanted to make sure I address both topics and I’m happy I did that.’

Leigh-Anne discusses not only her own experiences but chats with other women who share how they have been negatively impacted by racism.

Ahead of her documentary airing, she confessed she was scared of the backlash she might face from her fans following its release.

‘I was scared people wouldn’t understand because I feel like with racism if you don’t experience it, how are you ever going to really get it?’ she queried.

‘I was also scared to lose fans, of offending fans because that’s not what I’m trying to do at all, I just wanted to address how I felt. I was really scared.’

Race, Pop & Power is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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