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Lily Collins is already teasing season 3 of Emily in Paris and we really need this to happen

Emily in Paris is still yet to drop its second season on Netflix but star Lily Collins has spoken out on the prospect of a third season in the future. 

The comedy-drama came to Netflix late last year, and instantly became a huge hit on the streaming service.

Telling the story of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) an American who moves to Paris to provide a fresh point of view to Savoir, a French marketing firm, the show received mixed reviews but many fans have been secretly pining for season two.

The upcoming season sees all the existing cast return, with some new additions.

Waterloo Road actor Lucien Laviscount comes in as a love interest of Emily’s, called Alfie, who will be batting off competition for her attention.

But as the excitement builds for the new batch of episodes, star Lily addressed whether there could ever be more to come.

The existing cast from season 1 will all be back for season 2 (Picture: Netflix)

‘I really hope people laugh and smile and get to have the same feelings of escapism and fun that they did the first season,’ she said to Glamour.

‘I hope viewers find more of themselves in different characters, and feel seen and represented in the show.

‘And I hope that we get a season three, because I really hope we get to come back and do this again.’

That’s something we can absolutely get behind, Lily.

Lucien Laviscount will play a new love interest for Lily’s character (Picture: Netflix)

Elsewhere, the actress spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about how she and co-star Ashley Park are recognised in some very interesting places.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Lily said: ‘Every flight attendant recently has knelt down and said, “Do you want anything to drink? … I just have to ask, is there a season 2?” And I’m about to go to sleep!

‘And it’s always a flight attendant, it’s so funny.’

The actress explained how she and Ashley, who plays her best pal Mindy in the show, had to try and keep themselves on the down low due to constantly getting recognised in Paris.

‘It’s very jarring, because we experienced season 1 coming out in Covid, so we weren’t outside at all. No one really had time to interact with us, or we didn’t know if it was hitting well with audiences,’ she explained.

Lily added that ‘when we went back to Paris, we just found that we had to be more quiet, because we couldn’t go anywhere without talking and amping each other up.’

Emily in Paris returns to Netflix on December 22. 


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