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Line of Duty series 6:Shocker as Joanne Davidson teams up with Ryan Pilkington – questions we have after explosive episode 2

Line of Duty brought back AC-12’s longest-running enemy (Picture: BBC)

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Line of Duty series 6 episode 2.

After introducing DCI Joanne Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald) as AC-12’s most ‘enigmatic’ adversary yet, any doubts she’s one of the most dangerous enemies ever seen in Line of Duty were firmly squashed tonight.

Her relationship with DS Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) only intensified as the former AC-12 officer truly turned her back on DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Supt Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), while she barely broke a sweat as she found herself in the notorious interrogation room.

Somehow, despite the evidence mounting up agasint her – well, ’speculation’ to be precise – Joanne managed to worm her way out of an arrest and instead frame her ex girlfriend Farida.

She’s ruthless, determined and now we know is connected to the OCG, working closely with Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper), the young boy who terrorised on his BMX bike in series one and is now a bent copper – possibly one of the most dangerous there is.

There was a lot to unpack in latest episode of Line of Duty. Let’s begin.

Joanne might be part of the OCG but does that mean we can trust Farida?

Joanne is clearly a total wrong ’un, in cahoots with the OCG and plotting some sort of unimaginable horror which will no doubt play out over the coming weeks, but does that mean we can trust Farida?

After reluctantly confirming she’d been in a relationship with Joanne, Farida was cuffed and carted off to a cell. Perhaps she is as innocent as she seems, totally blind to whatever Joanne has been secretly cooking up.

‘You don’t know what she’s capable of,’ she told Steve, however, indicating that she does, in fact, know more than she’s letting on.

Has Kate really turned her back on AC-12 for good?

Has Kate Fleming really turned her back on AC-12?
(Picture: BBC/World Productions)

‘I was damned if do, damned if I don’t,’ Kate pleaded with Steve after AC-12 were humiliated trying to ambush Joanne’s operation, only to find she was more than prepared to send them home packing. Kate did the unthinkable, fed information straight to Joanne and firmly turned her back on AC-12. Or has she?

What’s happening between Steve and John Corbett’s wife Stephanie?

John Corbett’s wife Stephanie eventually played an integral part in series five, providing the recording which cleared Hastings of suspicion amid speculation he was the elusive ‘H’. She’s back in series six, and getting closer to Steve who paid her a visit and needed urgent attention when his back spasmed.

However, she could play a much bigger role in the series ahead with a potential link to Joanne’s mother.

Who was Joanne’s mother?

Who is Joanne Davidson mother? (Picture: BBC)

Clearly, Joanne’s mother is of significance and hardcore Line of Duty fans think they’ve cracked the case – she’s Anne Marie McGillis, also mother to John, the informant killed in Northern Ireland under Hastings’ watch.

At the end of series five, Hastings handed Stephanie an envelope thought to contain £50,000 – half of the £100,000 compensated from the OCG for framing him. But has he unwillingly put Stephanie in danger?

Of course, Joanne’s mother could of course be someone else entirely, but whoever she was she will undoubtedly play a huge part ahead.

How long before Kate rumbles Ryan?

That is if she hasn’t already, but Kate immediately recognised Ryan when they met at the murder scene of Carl Banks. Under Joanne, they’ll be working hand in hand and surely it’s only a matter of time before she remembers the kid from way back in series one.

Line of Duty continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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