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Loki episode 1 Easter Egg: Marvel director reveals ‘deliberate’ reference to Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man

Loki’s nod to Iron Man was completely intentional (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Warning: spoilers ahead for episode 1 of Loki.

The director of Loki has revealed the ‘deliberate’ reference to Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man featured in the first episode of the new Marvel series on Disney Plus.

Episode one of Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston as the MCU’s resident trickster, was full of references to previous Marvel releases, from Loki witnessing his own death in Avengers: Infinity War to discovering a drawer full of Infinity Stones at the TVA (Time Variance Authority).

While some nods may have been coincidental – such as the supposed appearance of Peggy Carter in the background – others were put there on purpose, with director Kate Herron confirming that a parallel to 2008 film Iron Man was completely intentional.

Loki opens with the Avengers: Endgame scene when the 2012 version of Loki steals the Tesseract, vanishing away from the Avengers’ grasp.

Using the Space Stone, he’s transported to a desert, landing in the sand in a similar way to Tony Stark in the first Iron Man film, after he escapes from his captors wearing his first armoured suit.


Film critic Ali Plumb shared a tweet with an image of Tony’s landing in the sand in the first Iron Man film and Loki’s similar landing in the sand at the beginning of his eponymous show, pointing out the similarities.

Loki director Kate responded to the tweet, writing: ‘“Iron Man” was a deliberate one :).’ Our minds are blown!

Following the launch of Loki on Disney Plus, a Reddit user shared a fascinating theory about how the show could link to the massive cliffhanger in the WandaVision finale.

In the post-credits scene for WandaVision’s final episode, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) is seen reading through the Darkhold, the Book of Spells, when she heard her twin sons calling out to her.

The Marvel fan therefore drew the conclusion that at the end of Loki, Wanda may be shown travelling through different timelines trying to find her children.

In Loki, the Asgardian is apprehended by the TVA after stealing the Tesseract, as his escape act resulting in him causing a breach to the timeline.

Rather than have Loki ‘reset’, they decide to use him to their advantage to help them catch another ‘variant’ who is causing major disruptions to the timeline – who happens to be another version of Loki.

Loki returns next Wednesday and is available to watch on Disney Plus.

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