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Loki: Fan theory makes incredible link between Marvel series and tragic Avengers: Infinity War moment

The God of Mischief is set to make his highly-anticipated return (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

An incredible fan theory about Marvel’s upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus has made a link between the character played by Tom Hiddleston and a tragic moment from Avengers: Infinity War.

In the 2018 blockbuster, viewers catch up with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his adopted brother Loki straight after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, with Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his cronies causing destruction aboard the spaceship that was carrying Asgard’s last remaining survivors.

After Loki tries to trick the Titan by pretending to offer him his allegiance, before failing to kill him with his dagger, Thanos kills the God of Mischief by snapping his neck in front of Thor.

The scene was one of the most devastating in the MCU, given how much Thor and Loki had mended their fractured brotherly relationship in the third Thor film.

Marvel series Loki will follow the 2012 version of the character after he escaped the clutches of Earth’s mightiest heroes in Avengers: Endgame, when the team travelled back in time to retrieve the Infinity Stones.

However, one Reddit user put forward the theory that this younger version of Loki might be the one who viewers witnessed die in Infinity War.

Loki tries – and fails – to trick Thanos in Infinity War (Picture: Disney/Marvel)

The user, who goes by the handle HelloLindseyHere, wrote in a post: ‘What if the Loki we see die in Infinity War isn’t our Loki? What if it’s the Loki Variant who’s going to star in the Loki show?’

They explained that ‘there was something’ about Loki’s death in Infinity War that ‘always bothered’ them, when he says to Thor: ‘The sun will shine on us again, brother.’

Thanos is left devastated by the death of his brother (Picture: Marvel Studios)

‘He’s confident in what he’s saying, and not in his usual mischievous way. He genuinely believes that he and Thor will be alright someday, but something in his tone isn’t quite right. He sounds comforting, but almost sad, as though he knows it won’t be happening soon. And just maybe, that it won’t be happening for him,’ they wrote.

The Loki series will see the Asgardian be apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organisation that monitors the timeline and exists out of time and space.

The Reddit user said that they think the TVA may ‘decide to save the main timeline’s Loki by switching him out with the Loki Variant’, as Loki is referred to in the Marvel show.

Loki meets Mobius M Mobius (Owen Wilson) from the TVA (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney)

‘Perhaps they decide that Loki needs to survive for future events, like how Doctor Strange knew he needed Tony to live. They would have known as well as Loki that he couldn’t defeat Thanos. So they decide to switch the Lokis,’ they stated.

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