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Loose Women’s Nadia Swalha rages over women’s painful contraception: ‘Imagine putting a paper clip up a man’s penis’

Nadia Sawalha has called out the differences in contraception use for men and women and was left raging as she argued women have been ‘left with all the responsibility’.

Appearing on Loose Women on Thursday, Nadia and the rest of the panel – made up of Kaye Adams, Judi Love and Denise Welch – had been discussing whether women felt ‘pressure to go on the pill’.

Nadia explained that she had been looking into the pill with her daughter and was left feeling more and more ‘angry’ as she came to the realisation that women are expected to be more ‘responsible’ when it comes to contraceptive methods.

She reflected on having the coil – an intrauterine device (IUD) that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy – and how painful it had been for her.

While she pointed out that not everyone finds having the coil painful, for her, it was ‘excruciating’ and she doesn’t understand why women aren’t offered pain relief during the procedure.

Pointing out that currently the only contraceptive method available to men is condoms, Nadia claimed: ‘I think we absolutely take it for granted that mostly women are responsible for birth control.

Nadia was left raging as she discussed the difference in contraception for men and women (Picture: ITV)

‘Look at the situation we’ve got, we’ve got one thing for men and that’s condoms and an awful lot of them don’t want to use them.’

‘Imagine putting a paper clip up a man’s penis,’ she said while referring to the coil for women.

‘I think they would have to have morphine or something, but for women we’ve accepted that something that could be excruciatingly painful for women – not everybody – with no offer of any anaesthetic.’

Nadia said that, prior to the coil, she had been on the contraceptive pill, which she praised as an ‘amazing thing’, but said: ‘I wasn’t really warned of the side effects’.

Judi Love sided with Nadia as she recalled never being given a choice for pain relief when having the coil fitted (Picture: ITV)

As her co-stars pointed out there are many different types of pill and different women react differently to different types, Nadia argued that women still had the right to ‘ask for more’ when it comes to contraception.

She pointed out that a previous study that had gone into a contraceptive method for men, which was allegedly deemed ‘highly effective’, was halted due to male participants experiencing side effects of ‘acne’ and ‘muscle pain’ in her attempt to highlight the difference for men and women.

While Denise argued that there was ‘risk in everything’ and most prescriptions outline a number of side effects, Judi interjected that she too had the coil and never once questioned why she wasn’t given the choice of pain relief, as she sided with Nadia.

‘I’ve had the coil and it was very painful. I chose the coil because the pill – I’m plus-sized and have blood clots within the family,’ Judi explained.

‘I had the pill when I was younger and then I thought, “I don’t know if I want this in my body.” When I went for the coil, I didn’t think there was a choice for me to ask for something to make me not feel pain.’

Nadia added: ‘Every woman has the right to pain relief when they have the coil… just because the pill is great doesn’t mean we can’t ask for more.’

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.


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