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Lorraine Kelly confirms bizarre behaviour during KSI interview was part of a prank: ‘All will be revealed’

Lorraine Kelly has confirmed that her bizarre behaviour on yesterday’s show was a prank – after fans were insistent Ant and Dec were involved.

The Scottish host confused viewers during an interview with KSI, where she complained about mice in the studio, before complaining about pains in her legs.

‘I wish that you were here so you could help me,’ she told him. ‘I will just walk it off, it’s poppycock.’

But on today’s episode, Lorraine explained her behaviour, and said: ‘There was a great deal of concern for my wellbeing yesterday after that rather giddy interview with KSI.

‘Don’t worry, all is going to be revealed later in the week. That’s all I’m going to say.

‘Poor KSI, I did actually say to him afterward “sorry about that” but you’ll find out.’

Lorraine Kelly clarified that there was a reason behind her bizarre behaviour (Picture: ITV)

When This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and Loose Women host Judi Love also started acting weirdly, viewers became convinced it was part of a Saturday Night Takeaway prank with Ant and Dec.

I’m A Celebrity, Get Out Of Me Ear is a regular slot on the Satruday evening show, with stars following orders given by Ant and Dec via earpieces.

During the course of Monday’s morning schedule, all the hosts began acting strangely – from Lorraine through to This Morning, and then Loose Women.

Lorraine complained about mice and asked KSI to rub her legs (Picture: ITV)

Holly at one point ran in the wrong direction to get salt for Phillip, who was complaining that his leg hurt, later declared that she needed a wee and then told off chef James Martin ‘don’t tell me what to do’ when following a recipe.

On Loose Women, Judi was seen yawning at Jane Moore’s comments, before doing star jumps, and complaining about a foul smell in the studio.

But rather than finding it entertaining, some viewers were annoyed at the presenters for playing up – whether it was for a joke or not.

KSI thankfully saw the funny side to the skit (Picture: ITV)

‘All that Ant and Dec nonsense proved yesterday is that ITV is smug, self obsessed and have no respect for their audience who mostly found it obvious, irritating and unfunny. Seriously unprofessional,’ wrote one.

‘I love Get out of my Ear but I don’t think it’s as funny when you watch it only from one side (ie without Ant & Dec),’ said another. ‘Like today, especially seeing the same gag on multiple shows.

‘Who’s the joke on, when it’s obvious there’s a prank going on?’

But others were a bit more supportive, and said: ‘It has to be Ant & Dec controlling This Morning, Lorraine, and Loose Women today. Waiting for the reveal. Nice distraction, I needed that.’

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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