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Love Island 2021: AJ Bunker’s masterclass flirting techniques exposed – but she’s got nothing on lowkey trail-blazer Millie Court

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AJ Bunker’s flirting is iconic – but nothing on Millie (Picture: ITV)

AJ Bunker delivered a masterclass in flirting during last night’s Love Island as one by one she took all the boys aside to scream, wave her hair, and even pounce on Hugo Hammond.

It was a sight to marvel and behold.

However, according to’s resident body language expert Judi James who explained in the latest episode of Love or Lie Island how AJ’s arrival will have a huge impact on the dynamics of the female islanders, the hair extensions technician has nothing on Millie Court.

Comparing AJ’s ‘industrial-strength flirt techniques’ to ‘rituals you’d see in a Carry On movie in the ‘60s’ Judi dissected the new bombshell’s flirting techniques.

‘Unlike the other girls, who tend to use one or two flirt methods, AJ works her way through the entire menu within a few moments, throwing lots of hooks out there and then reeling in when she can see that they have worked,’ she says.

Here’s some of AJ’s favourite techniques:


No excuse is too flimsy for AJ to turn it into an opportunity to be tactile. With Hugo it was the “I’m so clumsy” arm holding when they walked down the stairs, followed by the old “Oh look it’s a dragon fly” ploy as she screamed and leaned in with mock fear before touching Hugo on the torso, nipple, thigh and arm.

‘With Aaron her left hand landed on him in a flash, then the right and when he responded by brushing a hair (or maybe another dragon fly) off her lip she let off a volley of preen signals and some semi-orgasmic groans of pleasure to register approval.’

Hair, space and that cheek-digit

‘Add this to her hair-preening, her proximity technique and her old-school finger up the side of the face pose as she performs active listening signals and we could be looking at the best flirt in the villa….but not quite.

‘Her competition might be fierce, from Kaz’s ear-splitting mating squeals and screams to Faye’s sudden trait of sucking suggestively on her water bottle while rocking like a hypnotic snake with Freddy, to Chloe’s raking hair-preens, face-gazing and her “flirt” voice (Reeeeealllyeee?) and Lucinda’s pout,  but the best flirt in the villa by a mile is still Millie.

My Celebrity Life –

Millie’s flirting talents have gone under the radar (Picture: ITV)

‘The most potent flirt signals come from the eyes and we should never forget Millie’s masterclass in eye flirting that she performed on those first dinner dates with the guys.

‘Her rituals might not get picked up quite as easily by the cameras but her deep, meaningful eye-gazing techniques would have registered with those guys on a very very deep physical level.’

Millie is currently coupled up with Liam Reardon, but many fans think the 21-year-old Welsh heartthrob seems keen on AJ.

However, with a new boy in Danny Bibby Brands already crashing into the villa, whose heads will turn?

Perhaps his Stifler tattoo is right up Millie’s street. Or perhaps not…

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm. Watch the latest episode of Love or Lie Island here. 

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