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Love Island 2021: Awkward moment Brett Staniland finds out Priya Gopaldas called him ‘boring’ as couples risk being dumped

It looks like an extremely awkward encounter is on the horizon for Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland after she dubbed him ‘boring’ during their date.

On last night’s episode of Love Island, the boys were set the task of serving the girls a delicious three-course dinner.

While Brett was busying himself in the kitchen, Priya admitted to Faye Winter and Mary Bedford that she was ‘bored’, telling them that she was ‘zoning out of conversations’.

On tonight’s episode, Priya opens up to Kaz Kamwi and Liberty Poole about the date, rubbing even more salt into the wound as she says: ‘My date with Brett didn’t go very well. He’s quite boring. His boring side, I never picked up on.’

Priya tells them that this revelation has come as a surprise to her, as previously they’ve shared chats where they could talk ‘for hours and hours’.

‘I didn’t expect it. I feel like I’ve got the ick,’ she adds.

How will Brett react to the remarks? (Picture: ITV)

Priya said in the real world, she wouldn’t go on a second date with Brett (Picture: ITV)

To make matters even worse, Brett has absolutely no idea that the date was a bust, believing that it was a roaring success.

While speaking to Faye and Teddy Soares about his date on the swing seat, Brett says: ‘It was great. It was the first time we’d sat alone opposite each other since we had our first ever date. It was lovely.’

Brett and Priya got on like a house on fire at the start (Picture: ITV)

Later on during a one-on-one with Brett, Priya opens up a little bit about how she’s feeling, explaining to him that sometimes when he’s ‘quite serious’, it feels like there’s more of a friendship than a romance between them.

‘I know you’re tactile and you’re holding my hand but sometimes when you’re quite serious, it feels like more of a friend,’ she says.

‘If you want me to be more affectionate in a sexier and flirtier way, cool,’ Brett replies, as Priya tells him that he’s ‘obviously an attractive man’.

However, while it may seem as though their issues have been brushed under the carpet, the next day, Brett learns what Priya told the girls about their date.

He decides to confront her about the remarks. So could this mark the end of Brett and Priya as a couple?

During tonight’s episode, each couple will have to vote for which pairing they think is the least compatible.

The couple with the most votes could be at risk of being dumped from the island.

It’s revealed that Faye and Teddy, Liberty and Jake, Priya and Brett and Mary and Aaron are at risk of being dumped, while Millie and Liam, Kaz and Tyler and Toby and Chloe are safe.

So which couple will be dumped from the villa tonight?

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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