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Love Island 2021: Brad McClelland recycles chat up lines with Lucinda Strafford as fans demand justice for Rachel Finni

Love Island’s Brad is currently coupled up with Rachel Finni (Picture: ITV)

Love Island’s Brad McClelland has well and truly moved on from Rachel Finni, sharing his attraction to newbie Lucinda Strafford.

Just hours after declaring that Rachel is ‘his type’, the bricklayer has now decided that the new bombshell, who entered the villa on last night’s show, was more a bit of him.

And it seems the feeling was definitely mutual, as Lucinda was given the opportunity to take three of the boys on a date, and named Brad among her choices.

Attempting to sweet talk her over his starter, Brad said: ‘I’ve only known the lass for two days, you’re more my type.

‘For the first time, I’ve literally been like, “Jesus Christ, I’d be buzzing to get into bed with her.” I’ve never had that.

‘I think you’re absolutely stunning. You honestly are.’

Lucinda chose to go on a date with Brad (Picture: ITV)

Brad said some familiar words to Lucinda on their date (Picture: ITV)

His chat up lines sounded a little familiar to Rachel, who was eavesdropping on the action from the terrace.

Well, he did say basically the same to her…

In fact, Brad told Rachel she was his type, insisting: ‘That’s why I started laughing when I saw Jake looking at me.

‘Jake said, “‘I couldn’t even see her and I could tell she was your type because of your reaction”.’

As Rachel broke down over the scenes, fans watching on from home were left fuming about the development.





Flocking to Twitter, one commented: ‘Not Brad literally lying through his teeth saying Rachel wasn’t his type then saying exactly what he said to Rachel to Lucinda… like boy have you learned nothing #LoveIsland.’

‘DID BRAD seriously go from dry humping Rachel in bed saying his type is dark eyes and hair to telling Lucinda she’s his type and Rachel isn’t  get this snake off #LoveIsland,’ another raged.

A follower commented: ‘Brad saying Lucinda is his type the same way he said Rachel was his type  #LoveIsland.’

‘Wasn’t Brad just recycling the exact lines he said to Rachel to stay in the villa. Different girl, same lines…..,’ a Twitter user warned.

‘Don’t pick him Lucinda – he’ll chuck you for the next pretty girl that comes in next… #LoveIsland.’

A fan added: ‘I really hope Rachel has a convo with Lucinda and find out Brad has been saying the same things to both of them  #LoveIsland.’

Something tells us this love triangle is going to get even more tangled up…

Love Island continues daily, at 9pm, on ITV2.

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