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Love Island 2021: Danger for Faye Winter and Teddy Soares revealed – the signs there could be trouble ahead

Out of all the couples on Love Island, for many fans, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares are undoubtedly one of the strongest.

Having experienced a blip after Casa Amor, when Faye understandably misinterpreted a postcard showing Teddy kissing another girl, the couple are now back on track after Faye let her guard down once again.

However, could there be trouble brewing in paradise?’s body language expert and star of our weekly series Love or Lie Island, Judi James, has revealed the signs that Faye may still be closed off to her relationship with Teddy.

Plus, could Faye be playing up her desire to break down walls, or is she speaking genuinely from the heart?

Judi watched an encounter between Faye and Teddy, when Faye appeared to become embarrassed opening up about her feelings while Teddy smiled and stroked her leg soothingly.

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Faye and Teddy have reunited – but is it destined to last? (Picture: ITV)

Judi admitted that Faye is one of the favourite islanders, adding that she ‘can’t fault’ Teddy as he is unquestionably ‘ideal boyfriend material’.

Nonetheless, the body language expert is of the opinion that something didn’t quite check out with their heart-to-heart, with Faye looking away from Teddy while speaking about her feelings.

‘When she was saying all of that to him, normally if you’ve got genuine worries you say it and look at the person’s face at the same time because you want to see their reaction,’ Judi said.

She explained that when someone has been ‘wounded’ like Faye has and experienced ‘dodgy relationships in the past’ that make it difficult to trust others, then ‘you would be scrutinising every atom on somebody’s face to see how it was going down’.

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Judi believes Faye might be ‘trying to create a happy ending too quickly’ (Picture: ITV)

‘I don’t think you’d take the risk of looking away in case they’re rolling their eyes. She would think they’re rolling their eyes, she has very low levels of trust,’ Judi said.

Judi added that while she does feel that ‘a lot of what we’re seeing is genuine’, she is also of the opinion that ‘it’s almost being dished up as an acted plot’.

‘I’m not saying that’s not what she’s like; I’m not saying that he is getting through to her, but she seems to be rattling it off a little bit too much like “this is my personality”.’ Judi said.

‘I’m not sure she’s there yet and I think she’s almost trying to create a happy ending too quickly and I want to see that happen slower and more gradual and I want to see her learning gradually.

‘That transition from not trusting people to suddenly completely trusting somebody – it’s a bit speedy for me. But then this is Love Island.’

So will Faye and Teddy continue going from strength to strength? Or has Judi pinpointed a potential flaw in their relationship?

Tonight will see four out of the six at-risk islanders be dumped from the island, before the remaining contestants sit down for a potentially savage movie night, as clips of their villa antics are shown on screen.

The islanders sure do love to talk about tests… and it looks like they might be in for one of their biggest ones yet.

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm and is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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