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Love Island 2021: Danny Bibby claims scenes were ‘edited to make him look bad’: ‘That’s not who I am’

Danny Bibby was booted out of the Love Island villa with AJ Bunker (Picture: ITV)

Love Island star Danny Bibby has claimed scenes on the show were edited to ‘make him look bad’.

The model was only in the villa a few days before being booted out in a savage dumping, when his romance with Lucinda Strafford fizzled out.

The 25-year-old was also forced to apologise from inside the villa after it emerged that he had used the N-word on Instagram in 2019.

Speaking to fans on TikTok, he opened up about his time in Majorca, alleging that producers edited certain things to make a storyline.

When asked if he was frustrated over how he came across, he began: ‘I can’t emphasise enough how the show is made to be a show for entertainment.

‘If someone come in being the bad boy, whatever you want to call it, not ruffling some feathers and they showed me laughing and joking with Kaz, messing around with everyone all day, it wouldn’t fit the storyline.

Danny spoke about his portrayal on the show (Picture: TikTok)

‘So they’ve got to edit it to go with the storyline.’

Danny insisted that he was friendly with everyone in the villa, but those moments didn’t make the final cut of the series.

‘I’m not going to lie to you, I got my phone back before I’ve seen the show,’ he continued. ‘Obviously I know exactly what had gone on, I got friendly with everyone, everyone loved me. We was all mates, me and Aaron are fine, me and Lucinda are fine.

‘Then I get to my phone and I see all these, “manipulative”, “wife beater”, All this s**t right, and I’m thinking, “what are they talking about?”

Danny’s romance with Lucinda fizzled out in the villa (Picture: ITV)

‘After I watched the show I understood where people come from. You guys need to understand that’s not who I am. I’m the nicest guy ever, I’m the most chill guy ever.

‘But I do get why people think I’m some absolute psycho because I was the only one that actually had a pair of balls and said something when someone did something wrong.’

Explaining that he would have acted the same on the outside in similar situations, he urged viewers to ‘chill out’ over the scenes.

‘If they showed you what everyone got up to you wouldn’t be interested, it’s just everyone having fun, on holiday basically,’ he added.

‘You’ve got to understand it’s not real life, it’s not real. It’s a show. I can’t emphasise that enough.

‘So you guys just need to chill out.’

Love Island continues daily, at 9pm, on ITV2.

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