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Love Island 2021: Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka ‘anger at Chloe Burrows’ behind Hugo Hammond ‘fake’ row

What was really going on behind that Love Island row?

The Love Island villa was rocked by its biggest row of 2021 last night when Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka blew up at Hugo Hammond because he’s not into ‘fakeness’.

During a game which saw the islanders tested to see who well they knew each other, it was revealed Hugo’s biggest turn off was ‘fakeness’ both in personality and looks.

As two women who have openly undergone cosmetic surgery, his remarks hit a nerve with Sharon and Faye who said the PE teacher needed to be ‘f**king educated’ and called him ‘f**king ignorant’.

However, just moments before another reveal shook up the contestants – particularly the girls.

Every single boy confirmed their second choice of girl to couple up with would be Chloe Burrows, who is currently platonically shacked up with Hugo.’s resident body language expert Judi James from our weekly series Love or Lie Island explained how, actually, that moment played a much bigger significance in the drama that followed with Hugo unwillingly caught in the firing line.

‘This was the moment the mood grew dark in the villa,’ says Judi. ‘The girls have been insisting the guys get honest with them but when they do they receive strong signals of shocked disapproval and rejection like this.

‘When Chloe kept getting the call-out her response would have been like petrol on the flames. Instead of shaking her head in disagreement and keeping it fun, she began eye-rolling and opening her mouth to imply she was now going to have trouble with the girls, suggesting she was taking the results seriously.

‘She hid her face and she sank almost to her knees in a ritual of submission, although back in the hut she performed a pit-bare ritual to suggest secret preening and confidence.

‘Faye’s open-mouth smile froze in mid-air and turned to something more chilling. The corners of her open mouth drooped and her eyes went up and down Chloe’s body in an evaluation gesture.

‘There was a tongue-poke of rejection from her and from Kaz and when Faye performed a thumb-hike gesture to say “get her out” we can only assume she was joking!’

For Judi, the anger from the women ‘kind of got deflected to Hugo’s “fake” claims’.

‘So many of the girls are fuming over being rejected by their partners that they were spoiling for a fight,’ she continues.

How the fallout will play out next will be revealed tonight at the later time of 10pm, as the Euro 2020 semi-final between England and Denmark has pushed back the next instalment by an hour.

Love Island continues tonight at 10pm on ITV2. Love or Lie Island returns to tomorrow.

Credit: Original article published here.

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