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Love Island 2021: Faye Winter on the warpath as she blows up at Teddy Soares before dumping him

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Faye fumes for the entire episode before dumping Teddy (Picture: ITV)

Faye Winter gave Teddy Soares a piece of her mind – and the rest of the boys in the villa – after the Mad Movies challenge continued to reveal some unpleasant home truths on Friday’s Love Island.

She was livid after seeing a video of her beau with Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor, where he reveals he’s sexually attracted to her, and was on the warpath with all the ‘shady as f**k’ boys of the villa.

Taking the majority out on Teddy, she gave him the finger as she warmed up for their showdown.

As he called over and branded her actions ‘childish’, she spat: ‘Do you think I give a f**k, hun?’

She stormed off away from him and insisted: ‘I don’t want to have a conversation with you right now.’

Dale Mehmet then came over to try and calm her down, to which she said: ‘There was nothing in that clip of me and Sam that Teddy didn’t already know. Did Teddy come back once and say he was sexually attracted to someone? No.’

My Celebrity Life –

All of the boys were in Faye’s firing line on Monday (Picture: ITV)

Going over how he’d said he’d slept outside with her cuddly toy, she continued sarcastically: ‘That makes him look like a really great f**king guy.

‘That f**king screen is exactly the f**king reason why I don’t want to be someone’s girlfriend.’

As well as fitting in a bit of argy-bargy with Matthew, Faye then declared: ‘I’ll f**king fall out with all you p***ks if I have to.’

Teddy then appeared to try and engage with her as she told him to ‘keep walking’ and refused to chat things through with him, calling him a ‘two-faced p***k’.

My Celebrity Life –

Faye applied her war paint (Picture: ITV)

My Celebrity Life –

The anger level Faye was at for most of Monday’s episode (Picture: ITV)

My Celebrity Life –

Teddy tried to keep his cool (Picture: ITV)

Teddy walked away from the row, calling her a ‘t**t’ and an ‘idiot’ under his breath as he tried to keep his cool before they finally sat down together.

However, Faye went straight for the jugular as she claimed: ‘I know my f**king worth and for me this is done.

Handing back her ring, he attempted to reason with her, stating: ‘If you think it’s alright to speak to me like that…’

She spat back ‘You had a sexual connection with Clarisse, you didn’t trust
sharing a bed with her!’

Remaining calm, he told Faye he was ‘p***ed off’ with how she reacted to the clip, kicking off with the boys over the scenes.

My Celebrity Life –

Faye in stage three of her row with Teddy (Picture: ITV)

The pair of them didn’t get anyway, with Faye branding Teddy’s words ‘bulls**t’ until he gave up trying to reason with her.

Calling him a ‘stupid, stupid boy’ as she walked off, Teddy then reflected on Faye’s behaviour.

‘She’s always finding excuses to walk away from the situation and that’s probably what hurts the most,’ he shared.

After those fireworks – and with Faye still smouldering in the wreckage of their relationship, which she created – it’s difficult to imagine how they might ever come back from here.

Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

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