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Love Island 2021: Faye Winter’s apology to Teddy Soares called out by body language expert as fake and ‘arrogant’

Love Island’s Faye Winter apologised to Teddy Soares in scenes that aired earlier this week, but according to her body language, it wasn’t sincere.

The 26-year-old islander sparked a record number of Ofcom complaints following her explosive outburst which was prompted after seeing Teddy tell Clarisse Juliette that he is attracted to her.

Faye later sat down with the financial consultant, where she said: ‘There’s no excuse. I don’t say sorry to anyone, sorry rarely ever leaves my lips.’ caught up with our expert Judi James for the latest episode of Love Or Lie Island, who pointed out that it felt like the lettings manager was ‘telling off’ her partner. She also flagged the tell-tell signs Faye was ‘disregarding’ his feelings.

‘That’s what I call a non-apology,’ Judi said, before adding: ‘She was actually quite arrogant.’

Explaining why it all seemed pretty flimsy, she explained: ‘She used a minimum of eye contact.

‘When you really care about somebody and you’ve said the wrong thing or done the wrong thing, normally with an apology you’ll be watching them. You want to see how your apology is affecting them.’

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Faye and Teddy have made up (Picture: ITV)

Judi went on to highlight how Faye was using ‘distraction rituals’, which signify she isn’t too bothered by Teddy’s feelings.

‘She was pulling at her dress, she was preening her hair, it was as though she was in the middle of doing the housework,’ she continued. ‘It implied he wasn’t that important to her.

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Faye’s explosive outburst racked up thousands of Ofcom complaints (Picture: ITV)

‘She also did very telling signal called pit bearing. At least twice she raised her arm, that’s not a submissive gesture… that again was a power signal. It’s as though a residue of how she was the other night is still hanging around.’

Faye and Teddy shared a kiss following the apology, with Faye opening her eyes during the smooch.

‘It wasn’t tender, it wasn’t caring,’ Judi observed. ‘For me, it wasn’t genuine.’

Is Faye being honest with her emotions?

Watch the full episode of Love or Lie Island hereLove Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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