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Love Island 2021: Hugo Hammond on course to crush Georgia Townend – the tell-tale signs this can only end in heartbreak

After fans have been impatiently waiting for Hugo Hammond to finally get snapped up in Love Island, in walks bombshell Georgia Townend with her sights firmly set on the PE teacher and he starts having a go at her about a cat.

Since brutally dumping AJ Barker this week, Hugo’s luck turned around when Georgia declared she only had eyes for him.

Speaking to the boys last night, he was impressed: she was confident, knows what she wants and

However, he couldn’t have played the game worse if he tried.

In the latest episode of Love or Lie Island,’s resident body language expert Judi James explains why he gave out all the wrong signals when rather than flirting with Georgia by the pool, he turned a casual chat into a confrontation – even if he didn’t know it.

‘Most women would have stormed and walked off,’ says Judi after watching Hugo blur flirting with arguing. ‘And it’s more than a hard shell around Hugo.

My Celebrity Life –

What are you playing at, Hugo? (Picture: ITV)

‘It’s funny because he’s such a nice guy, he’s still seen as the good guy. But I always say in this show every series when someone is picked out as the nice guy it’s usually because they haven’t paired off with anybody so we haven’t seen them in action.

‘They might have done women like chain loads of them, we don’t know.’

‘His behaviour here it’s funny,’ Judi continues. ‘She was form cosmic ordering, Georgia, we all knew AJ wasn’t right for him, she was too full on.

‘You could see him backing away in horror! It was like some old Carry on film. Georgia absolutely nailed the body language, she’s sitting next to him, she’s self-diminished, her head is hung quite low, it’s like an animal trying to ingratiate itself with a more powerful animal.

He did not give her an inch though, he sat there facing forward he didn’t even give her his full attention. He goes into bank manager mode, the voice he uses, and the questions he asks it’s like she’s gone there to ask for a loan he’s about to turn her down for.

‘When he says, “I want to hear about you,” that’s usually a moment of empathy and interest but [here] it’s not.

My Celebrity Life –

Cold! (Picture: ITV)

‘What it’s doing is he’s quizzing her so that he can prove she’s not right. “Tell me about yourself.” “I’ve got a cat.” “Oh a cat, I don’t like cats.” That’s when  I would have got up and walked out.

‘She then tried to bend over backwards. “I like horses.” “Ugh, my ex likes horses.” I thought she was going to turn around and say, “I breathe oxygen.” And he’d go, “oh all my exes breathed oxygen.”

There was no pleasing him. He did it in a very judgmental way, very unfair.’

Just moments into their chat, Georgia’s excitement plummeted into terror like she was strapped into Oblivion.

‘What she started to do, her hands came up, she was touching towards him – “no no no I also like dogs.” She was trying so hard to use appeasements, and then he started quizzing her on her relationships.

‘He was putting these horrible labels on her and I don’t know where that was coming from.’

‘I think she’ll hang on in there because I think she’s another one that’s been sent like a little missile, you’re the one we have chosen. They’ve even chosen someone who’s had v little work done because he said he doesn’t like girls who are fake. I’ve got a feeling she’s going to go under the mower with him and look like AJ did, look desperate maybe.

‘His attitude at the moment is very peculiar. He goes from no one wants me to quite arrogant with his body language. It might be that’s got low self-esteem in there, and maybe that’s emerging.’

Tonight there will be another recoupling, and the power is all in the boys’ hands. Will Hugo couple up with Georgia? Will she even want him?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. Watch the full episode of Love Or Lie Island here.

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