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Love Island 2021: Hugo Hammond’s catchphrase is – ironically – driving everyone mad

Hugo’s efforts to find love haven’t been successful so far (Picture: ITV)

Hugo Hammond hasn’t had the best luck on Love Island, going from friendship couple to friendship couple and failing to make romantic connections at every turn despite his lukewarm efforts.

When Casa Amor arrived, it seemed like Hugo’s opportunity had finally arrived to escape singledom, meeting six new female islanders and snogging several in an ice breaker game that saw several of the boys test their loyalties to the girls back in the main villa.

While Hugo, 24, is obviously super keen to find someone who’s equally attracted to him who he can take back to the villa, the PE teacher’s use of a certain catchphrase to describe his goal of finding love has been driving viewers up the wall.

During last night’s episode of the ITV programme, fans couldn’t help but notice Hugo frequently saying that he was going to ‘move mad’ on the girls to get to know them all.

Not only did several people point out that he wasn’t even using the phrase correctly, but they also begged him from afar to… just stop. For his sake and ours.

‘Hugo needs to stop saying he’s going to move mad round women, does he know that’s a nuts statement to make?’ one person tweeted.

Hugo claims it’s time to ‘move mad’ as he sets his sights on Amy (Picture: ITV)

‘Hugo heard his Year 9’s say “move mad” and just uses it any chance he gets. Doesn’t even have to make sense,’ another remarked.

Someone else joked that if Hugo said ‘move mad’ one more time, they were going to report him to Ofcom.

‘No, no did Hugo just say “chirpse chirpse, move mad!??? Someone take this mans mobile from him I swear he’s texting his pupils on what to say,’ another commented.

Former Love Island star Amber Gill also picked up on the phrase, saying: ‘Hugo keeps saying time to move mad. Ok so do it?’

‘Hugo does not know what move mad means he defo heard one of his students say that,’ another viewer wrote.







Tonight’s episode of Love Island is set to deliver absolute carnage amid the return of the savage Casa Amor postcard twist, as the girls in the main villa receive a postcard that will show them what the boys have been getting up to while they’re away.

While the girls have remained loyal to the boys so far, refraining from sharing beds with the new islanders in the main villa, the boys in Casa Amor have not been following suit.

Love Island fans are therefore hoping the arrival of the postcard could encourage the girls to get to know the new boys more and possibly find love elsewhere.

‘After the postcard the ladies won’t know the word Loyalty it’s gonna be so pleasing to watch them fall in love with the new lads #LoveIsland,’ one person tweeted in response to the preview, which showed Chloe reacting in shock to the delivery of the postcard.

‘I just need Kaz and Millie to pick up two men to recouple with. Hopefully that postcard will be the wake up call they needed,’ another said optimistically.

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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