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Love Island 2021: Millie Court and Faye Winter worry over their boys as Liam Reardon and Teddy Soares get plenty of attention at Casa Amor

It was almost like the girls could smell trouble (Picture: ITV)

Monday’s episode of Love Island saw things get spicy as Casa Amor finally opened its doors, ushering in 12 new bombshells in total to tempt both the girls and the boys – and Millie Court and Faye Winter were worried about their respective couples with Liam Reardon and Teddy Soares.

As the boys got to know new girls Mary, Salma, Kaila, Amy, Clarisse and Lillie at Casa Amor, the original islanders decided to break the ice with a simple game of truth and dare, which saw participants dared to kiss the Islander they most fancy, kiss the feet of the Islander they like the most, give sexy dances and more.

Liam and Teddy proved to be popular among the new girls, with Amy and Lillie smooching Liam while Mary and Clarisse shared kisses with Teddy.

Teddy also got involved with sucking Clarisse’s toes, while Lillie got more intimate with Liam when she gave him a lapdance him as one of her dares.

Liam also took part in a three-way kiss with Salma and Clarisse after Clarisse chose him for the dare.

Despite Teddy playing it cool and suggesting he had no plans to stray ahead of the girls’ arrival, he admitted to ‘feeling f***ing guilty as f***’ after the party games.

Liam looked on as Clarisse got to know Teddy (Picture: ITV)

Lillie got up close with Liam (Picture: ITV)

All this action was unknown to Millie and Faye, but the girls seemed to sense trouble from the villa as they settled down for a quick heart-to-heart.

As Millie confessed that all she could think about was ‘what is he doing’, Faye shared her worry over ending up dumped, saying: ‘I feel like it’s either gonna happen to me or you, I’ve got this really bad feeling.’

Although Millie was open with Liam about liking him before he left for Casa Amor, she admitted to being ‘really scared about being hurt’.

‘I have trust issues, most definitely,’ she shared.

‘I’m freaking out because I just don’t trust him. How can you? But, let’s not think like that.

‘It’s not going to happen. It won’t happen.’

Millie shared her concerns with Faye (Picture: ITV)

Faye didn’t seem too happy either (Picture: ITV)

As the pair tried to put a positive spin on things, agreeing that their boys ‘are coming home, to us, single’, Millie pointed out that she hoped they were ‘probably having the same chat’.

The programme then cut to Liam being grilled by the boys over the ‘saucy’ girls who had shown interest in him, as he admitted he was most attracted to Lillie (this could get awkward) and had given her a snog because he thought she seemed to ‘like it’.

However, he gallantly shared afterwards that, although he was a flirt, he ‘preferred flirting with Millie’.

Just one episode in and Casa Amor, as expected, already seems to be throwing a large spanner in the works of some of these relationships.

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