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Love Island 2021: New phrases you need to know as Hugo Hammond coins ‘moving mad’
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This year’s islanders have given us some new phrases (Picture: ITV)

Love Island has provided us with dramatic moments, shocking recouplings, cheeky snogs and plenty of memes – but it’s also given us a whole host of vocabulary.

From ‘cracking on’ to ‘putting your eggs in one basket’, we have to thank the ITV2 show for introducing many new slang terms to the English language.

This year though, there are two terms that seem to be hot topic amongst the islanders.

As if the official Love Island dictionary wasn’t already big enough, we’ve got to add to it even further.

Here’s all you need to know about this year’s newest phrases.

Moving mad

My Celebrity Life –

Hugo has been using the term ‘moving mad’ a lot lately (Picture: ITV)

It seems to be Hugo Hammond’s favourite phrase as of late, with the PE teacher frequently saying it while in Casa Amor this week.

If you’re not already clued up on its definition, to ‘move mad’ simply means to suggest that someone is acting out of character, or even doing something unexpected.

Fans couldn’t help but notice Hugo had been saying the words a lot as he attempted to get to know the new girls in the secondary villa.

Not only did several people point out that he wasn’t even using the phrase correctly, but they also begged him from afar to… just stop.

Which is fair enough we suppose.

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Fans have called for Hugo to stop using the phrase (Picture: ITV)

One person tweeted: ‘Hugo needs to stop saying he’s going to move mad round women, does he know what’s a nuts statement to make?’

Another added: ‘Hugo heard his Year 9’s say “move mad” and just uses it any chance he gets. Doesn’t even have to make sense.’

Someone else even joked that if Hugo uttered the phrase one more time, they may complain to Ofcom.

Yes, seriously.

But if that wasn’t enough, some other islanders have begun using the term too, including Faye Winter.


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Toby has been saying the word ‘test’ a lot (Picture: ITV)

The word ‘test’ has been said multiple times by Toby Aromoloran, especially after he found himself in sticky situations with his previous partners.

When Abigail Rawlings entered the villa, the footballer opted to get to know her, which upset Chloe Burrows, who he was coupled up with at the time.

During a few intense chats with Chloe, he expressed how this is a ‘test’ to see if things can progress between them, or if is a spark between him and Abigail instead.

It seems the word has also been picked up by other islanders, as most of them have said it at least once.

My Celebrity Life –

Toby referred to his coupling situation with Chloe as a ‘test’ (Picture: ITV/)

Even presenter Laura Whitmore referred to Casa Amor as ‘the ultimate relationship test’ during the latest recoupling.

But it seems not every islander is a fan of the word.

Hugo, in particular, declared ‘this test stuff’ to be ‘complete bulls***’ during the previous recoupling, when he criticised Toby’s treatment of Chloe.

And of course, as well as ‘moving mad’ and ‘test’, the usual Love Island vocabulary including ‘muggy’ and ‘my type on paper’ has been used on a regular basis.

With just three and a half weeks left of this year’s series, who knows what new and unique phrases could be said during that time?

Love Island continues daily, at 9pm on ITV2.

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