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Love Island 2021: Scared Millie Court will take Liam Reardon back? All the signals she’s been won over already

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All the signs Millie’s about to take Liam back revealed (Picture: ITV2)

Surely Millie Court won’t take Liam Reardon back in Love Island, right?

Sorry to say it guys, but just days after he was exposed for snogging Lillie Haynes in Casa Amor and then returning to the villa as if butter wouldn’t melt, Liam’s desperate – and pretty awful – attempts at winning Millie back appear to be working.

Last night Liam sent Millie a picture message of them both, declaring it a ‘beautiful sight’, before leaving a poem which appeared to be about his erection on her pillow.

Tonight he makes another speech and it seems his charms are working their black magic.

While fans are scared Millie will soon succumb to his advances,’s body language expert and star of our weekly series Love or Lie Island, Judi James, has revealed the signs there’s the reconciliation none of us want on the cards.

‘This is painful to report but both Millie’s words and her body language currently imply it’s a 100% “Yes” in terms of getting back with Liam,’ says Judi.

‘Her distress has been so sad to watch that it would be motivational for women everywhere if she picked a new man from the Love Island vaults and re-booted her confidence and the assertive side to her personality, but so far she has given no real clues that she has done anything more to Liam that parked him in the dog house for a short space of time.

‘Listen to her words last night: “I’m not going to let him get away with it really easy”, “He needs to graft for it’”, “That was a failed attempt” and “I want to be a little bit mean”.

‘Her choice of words show her to be in the “face-saving ritual” stage of taking him back, which is looking more and more like a playground game where he sits giggling with the boys, sending some of the most stupid messages ever to her and she sits with the girls, making him graft to re-raise her status signals in there after all the public humiliation of Casa Amor.’

While Love Island viewers are queueing up to urge Millie to stay strong, her fellow islanders are already encouraging her to give Liam another chance.

‘The peer pressure is enormous. Jake and his crew have been hugging Liam as though he was in mourning and Millie will know there will be manly cheers all round if (when!) she finally relents,’ explains Judi.

‘On the girl team she has Chloe and Kaz. Both these women are currently being treated in a much more cavalier and demeaning way but Chloe only had to debate for a nano-second to agree to take Toby back.

‘Millie even said to her, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. She then looked over at Liam and said “Aw I feel sorry for him”.

‘You can already hear the Love Island bunting being unfurled for their re-union. He will be doing that mock proposal thing when he asks her if she will be his girlfriend and Jake will be on hand with a ring made out of loo paper and mud or something to stick on her finger.

‘I might be wrong, there is that re-coupIing on the cards which could just tilt her in a different direction if Liam does start channeling Tyler’s script of how to talk to women.

‘The re-coupling will provide some heart-stopping moments for Liam. It’s come at the worst time for Millie as she’s going to have to decide quickly rather than creaking the dog house door open an inch at a time.’

Following a performance from Mabel in the villa tonight, Liam will gather the entire villa together to declare his feelings for Millie. But how will she react?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. Watch the latest episode of Love or Lie Island here.

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