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Love Island 2021: Viewers fume as Faye Winter calls Teddy Soares ‘unfair’ after argument and ending romance

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Faye dumped Teddy despite his hopes of reconciling (Picture: ITV)

Love Island viewers were stunned as Faye Winter branded Teddy Soares ‘unfair’ and ended their romance after their vicious argument. 

During Sunday’s episode, Teddy desperately tried to reconcile with Faye despite her launching into an expletive-filled tirade against him after watching a clip of him admitting to being sexually attracted to Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor, but not acting on it.

Many were horrified by the explosive scenes and said they had complained to Ofcom.

Teddy eventually managed to pull Faye for a chat on the terrace where he attempted to clear the air with the lettings agent, but she was firm in wanting to end their coupling.

‘I felt that I needed to overshare with you and tell you everything that happened so that there was no surprises for you,’ Faye told Teddy.

He responded: ‘I’ve always been here for you from the start.’

‘It’s s**t because I came in here and I thought that I found what I was looking for in you and then that happened,’ Faye said.

My Celebrity Life –

The pair got into a furious argument (Picture: ITV)

When Teddy urged her to ‘get to the meat’ of her issue with him, Faye shot back: ‘You’re being really unfair, you’re being so unfair. I knew nothing of what happened in Casa Amor.

‘I honestly thought you were an angel over there and it turns out that’s not the case. I don’t trust people until they prove to me I can trust them.’

Teddy said: ‘In your eyes, I’ve made a mistake. I get it. But to just be like I’m done is what I’m struggling with. I can’t swallow the pill.’




Ending their romance, Faye stated: ‘I’d rather be done than be hurt. Right now I just want to continue this journey on my own.’

A heartbroken Teddy said quietly to himself as Faye walked away: ‘On my own it is.’

Reacting to Faye’s criticism of Teddy, one viewer said: ‘Faye saying it’s unfair he called another girl attractive but she slept in bed with another boy?’

Another agreed: ‘How is faye saying teddy is being unfair , did this girl not scream her head off and refuse to talk to him the night before.’

‘Not Faye telling Teddy he’s being unfair, she was the most hurt by Jake but Teddy got all the shit, not one apology from her, come on Teddy you can do better,’ another fumed.

Love Island airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

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