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Love Island 2021 winner Liam Reardon actually ‘was proposing marriage’ to Millie Court: The tell-tale signs explained by body language expert

Love Island’s Millie Court almost walked away with £25,000 and fiancé, according to body language expert Judi James, who thinks Liam Reardon was genuinely proposing marriage during last night’s finale.

Fans were floored when they thought Liam was actually popping the question to Millie, moments before they were crowned winners of Love Island 2021.

After Chloe Burrows joked next up for her and Toby Aromolaran was marriage, host Laura Whitmore asked Liam and Millie if they’d ‘do a Chloe and Toby?’ and tie the knot.

Peering over to Millie, who was sat in his arms, Liam grinned: ‘It has been on my mind for a while…’

As the crowd cheered, he asked: ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’

Speaking in the final episode of Love or Lie Island for 2021 on, Judi said she thinks there was more to it.

Love has genuinely struck on Love Island (Picture: Matt Frost/ITV)

Judi told us: ‘I thought that’s a moment they missed on Love Island and I thought [producers] will be kicking themselves this morning because what I saw was Laura said, “have you asked her to be your girlfriend?” which is rubbish because they’ve been sharing a bed for seven weeks now.

‘They got it in the wrong order, after [I love you] asking her to be your girlfriend, that would be pretty pants.

‘Laura went on to propose marriage and I thought, “this will be interesting” and he was all over it. Immediately Liam was looking, making eye contact, “Well I’ve been thinking…”

‘Would he say “I’ve been thinking about it” if it was just making it “my girlfriend”? It doesn’t work at all in my mind.’

Millie clasped her hands and almost keeled off the sofa as Liam wrapped himself around her, which, for Judi could easily have indicated she thought there was a proposal on the cards too.

‘I thought this is going to be a big television moment and he’s going to propose marriage and the way that she responded, I think that’s what she thought as well, but somehow it all got lost and that’s a pity because I thought that’s where this show is going. I had my hat!’ Judi teased.

However, Judi does predict we’ll see wedding bells ringing in the not too distant future.

‘If I was a TV producer on a television programme like This Morning I’d be booking them on there and I’d be encouraging them to do the proper proposal. I think he wants to have that moment so it will probably be on the next show or the after show, he’ll be wearing a little pad on his knee,’ she said.

Millie and Liam were crowned Love Island winners (Picture: Matt Frost/ITV)

The body language guru also hailed Liam and Millie as Love Island’s most compatible couple, over finlaists Chloe and Toby, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares, and Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank.

Looking back at Liam and Millie’s date night when the couple shared those three little words, Judi explained there was one clear signal ‘love’ really was in the room.

‘When they were talking and saying how much in love they were, you got a very good close up on Millie’s eyes when she looked at him and with pupil dilation,’ said Judi.

‘When you really love somebody, pupils dilate, you can’t act it it’s a physiological response and her did dilate so I think she genuinely does love him.’

‘I was checking everybody last night for pupil dilation,’ Judi continued. ‘But I definitely saw that from Millie, so yes she’s besotted.’

Liam and Millie became the first ever couple made up of two bombshells to win Love Island, with neither of them appearing in the first episode.

Love Island is available to stream on ITV Hub.

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