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Love Island: Are week 1’s couples hot or not? Amber Beckford and Dami Hope have ‘strong connection’ while Indiyah Polack and Ikenna Ekwonna ‘aren’t interested’

Love Island has already got us well and truly hooked, but not everyone is yet convinced all the pairings are set to last for the long haul.

Well, what a week of drama it’s been. We’ve already seen three (soon to be four!) bombshells, as well as the shock exit of Liam Llewellyn after he admitted he ‘wasn’t feeling 100%’ ever since he entered the villa.

Friday night’s very dramatic episode marked the first recoupling and while most pairings stayed exactly the same, there were a couple of sneaky switch-ups.

Davide Sanclimenti opted for newcomer Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu after his current other half Gemma Owen was picked by Luca Bish in some tense scenes.

This meant Paige Thorne and the other bombshell of the week, Afia Tonkmor, were both left single and vulnerable to being dumped from the island.

However, with another new arrival on Sunday night, who also just so happens to be Gemma’s ex-boyfriend, we know there’s sure to be much more drama to come pretty imminently.

Here’s which couples are hot, or not, so far (Picture; ITV)

After having just about got through the first week of the dating series, we’re here to give you all the goss on which couples are soaring to the top, and who is struggling to cling on at the bottom.

This week, Louella has placed an already strong pair, Amber Beckford and Dami Hope, at the top of the list, while Indiyah Polack and Ikenna Ekwonna trail at the bottom, after just about surviving the recoupling.

1. Amber and Dami

Amber and Dami already seem smitten (Picture ITV)

Amber and Dami are the most compatible couple in the villa. They are clearly getting more comfortable with each other and opening up more.

Even though Amber and Dami are different in a lot of ways, they tend to be on the same wavelength and understand each other. They have enough similarities to form a strong connection and enough differences to create a spark.

Amber and Dami are both spending time trying to work each other out and there is an element of intrigue and mystery between them. Dami isn’t seen as overly warm, but he appears to be extremely generous and supportive. Whereas Amber, who is interested in people, is looking deeper and noticing traits about Dami that other people don’t see.

Dami is quieter and more reserved than Amber, who usually thinks out loud. She will naturally do more of the talking in the relationship, particularly within the villa. When it comes to compatibility, the extrovert-introvert balance is great as Amber can bring Dami out of his shell and Dami can keep Amber grounded.

Opening up about feelings and emotions isn’t something that comes naturally to Dami but he was forced to in his recoupling speech and it’s clear he feels something unique with Amber.

Their strong connection is noticed by the other islanders too, with Tasha even saying she is “obsessed” with the couple. We think Amber and Dami have incredible potential and we’re excited to see where it goes.

2. Tasha and Andrew

Tasha and Andrew have also been open about their feelings so far (Picture: ITV)

Tasha and Andrew have quite similar personalities which can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to compatibility. They are both in touch with their own emotions and are good at reading people.

As a couple, Tasha and Andrew tend to be thoughtful, kind and appreciative of each other. Emotional intimacy is important to them, and they both enjoy the feelings of security and stability that come with a healthy relationship.

Andrew has a reserved yet calm aura while Tasha is more dynamic and extroverted. These energies balance each other out and contribute to the undeniable attraction between them.

Both Andrew and Tasha have understanding and supportive communication styles. They are both open people that want to learn more about one another. They even spoke about how communication is the key to a healthy relationship and it’s great they are both on the same wavelength with that. Tasha and Andrew have faced the issues they’ve had in the villa head-on and they’ve both acted very maturely. Andrew was upset when he thought he had offended Tasha and you could see he cared deeply.

There is a danger that Tasha and Andrew are too similar and that there aren’t enough differences between them to create a spark which is why Tasha has been keeping her options open.

As long as they keep communicating in the way they have, they definitely have the potential to last the distance!

3. Gemma and Luca

Luca couldn’t resist a cheeky gesture after stealing Gemma off of Davide (Picture: ITV)

Gemma and Luca are a very new couple who have the potential to be compatible but there could be issues down the line. They are both making the most out of their Love Island experience and they have been keeping their options open.

They are both straightforward and honest people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Gemma and Luca are on the same wavelength and they tend to enjoy talking about similar topics. In his recoupling speech, Luca spoke about how he is attracted to Gemma’s more reserved nature, and he likes that she doesn’t give too much away.

When it comes to communication, both Gemma and Luca are logical and direct which can be hugely beneficial in relationships. Neither of them is overly sensitive and they both appreciate this quality in each other. However, this straightforward approach can create problems when it comes to talking about their feelings because these kinds of conversations don’t come naturally to either Gemma or Luca.

Plus, it seems that commitment doesn’t come naturally to Luca. He definitely lives in the moment and doesn’t think too far ahead, which could lead to him making mistakes. Whereas Gemma is someone who definitely values commitment, loyalty and security so this could be an issue for Gemma down the line.

Gemma and Luca’s mutual understanding of one another is a solid basis for a relationship and even the other islanders think they are compatible. We are excited to see how this re-coupling goes, and we just hope that Luca keeps bringing Gemma her orange juice in the morning now they are paired up.

4. Ekin-Su and Davide

Ekin-Su charmed Davide from the moment she walked in the villa (Picture: ITV)

Ekin-Su caught the eye of all the boys in the villa when she entered, especially Davide! Whether Davide would have chosen Ekin-Su if Luca hadn’t stolen Gemma, we don’t know yet. But the sexual tension between Ekin-Su and Davide is undeniable and they have the potential to have a fun and exciting relationship.

Davide and Ekin-Su share a casual, spontaneous approach to life and they both live in the moment. Ekin-Su went into the villa with her eyes firmly on Davide and she wasn’t afraid to step on Gemma’s toes to get what she wanted. Davide appreciated this quality in Ekin-Su.

Both Ekin-Su and Davide like to experience the world and they are active people who already like to do things together. It’s promising that they share a passion for the gym and can have a laugh at the same time. When Davide had Ekin-Su on his shoulders, she was living her best life and giggling away.

Both Ekin-Su and Davide approach relationships in similar ways too. They are practical and level-headed. Neither of them is overly sensitive and they were comfortable around each other from the get-go. It was evident that Davide had more in common with Ekin-Su than he did with Gemma and their conversations flow a lot better. This makes for an easier relationship and it’s what created that instant compatibility between them.

Neither Ekin-Su nor Davide are overly emotional and they are quite private. A challenge for this couple will be connecting on a deeper level and it could take a while for them to really open up to each other. The physical attraction is definitely there between them, but they need to dig beneath the surface to connect in a more meaningful way.

This new couple shows promise for a fun and dynamic relationship.

5. Indiyah and Ikenna

Indiyah and Ikenna are the least strong pairing, at the moment (Picture: ITV)

We haven’t seen much from this couple yet, and that’s probably because there isn’t much to see. For starters, Indiyah even had to ask Ikenna if he saw them as ‘just friends’, which isn’t a good sign.

They both approach relationships in different ways. Indiyah is primarily looking for an authentic and emotional connection. As a result, she wants to get to know Ikenna on a deeper level. Whereas Ikenna is more straightforward and laidback. He seems to be looking for something a little more surface-level and fun.

Feeling understood is essential for a healthy, fulfilling relationship. If Ikenna and Indiyah aren’t willing to put in the work, it’s likely that there will be misunderstandings and miscommunications…or no communication at all from what we can see right now!

It’s definitely a red flag that they said they spend all of their time talking about the other couples in the villa instead of getting to know each other. This indicates they are trying to find common ground and aren’t interested in discovering more about each other.

Due to the different lenses that Indiyah and Ikenna view relationships, it will require conscious effort from both sides in order for them to understand each other compared to what they could have with other people in the villa.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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