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Love Island episode 4 review: Our seasonal girlfriend Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu steals the show, and Gemma Owen’s man, in much-needed dose of drama

Ekin-Su has already started to crack on with some of the boys (Picture: ITV)

Love Island has finally given us a little bit of tension, with the two new bombshells thankfully making episode 4 the best watch of the series so far.

Fans saw Liam Llewellyn given a lifeline last night when he was given the chance to go on not one, but two dates with the newbies, Ekin-Su and Afia Tonkmor, which both played out on camera tonight.

Afia even helped Liam learn some more vital facts about the UK as she tried, and failed, to explain that Waterloo is actually a place in London. Just as we thought we’d got over Elt and John, he hits us with this.

While both chats went well, it was clear Liam was more attracted to Ekin-Su (even after revealing she’d once played a serial killer in a Turkish soap opera) and immediately told the boys she was here to cause carnage when he arrived back at the villa.

He was correct, as she soon made her tactics clear to the girls in a brutal declaration of intent, saying: ‘I’m not here to make seasonal girlfriends. I’m here to make the love of my life.’


Ekin-Su Culculoglu, Amber Beckford and Indiyah Polack during tonihgt’s game of beer pong (Credits: ITV)

But it does seem fair enough. It is called Love Island, not Friend Island, after all.

However, Gemma Owen was quickly left seething after Ekin-Su expressed her interest in Davide Saclimenti, only to go on and say she would view the 19-year-old dressage rider as something of a ‘little sister’. We can already sense a rift brewing between these two.

They stepped things up a gear by working out together, as Gemma watched on in frustration.

As former show favourite Shaughna ‘congrats hun’ Phillips put it: ‘Ekin-Su is not a bombshell, she’s a weapon of mass destruction at this point because all I see is carnage. I love her. #LoveIsland.’


Things were beginning to get frisky (Picture: ITV)

Moving on. It was soon time for another party, where the couples got stuck into their next challenge after a night of partying, a good old game of beer pong. In a typical game of girls vs boys, anyone whose cup a ball landed in would have to complete a dare, most of which involved snogging.

There were more feathers ruffled when Tasha’s man Andrew Le Page got a couple of unexpected smooches and Indiyah Polack suddenly became more protective over her man Ikenna Ekwonna after Afia ramped up the flirtations.

So many love triangle potentials already.



Other stand out moments included Ekin-Su trying her hand at a Somerset accent, only to go full-on Spongebob, as well as Paige Thorne being left fuming for possibly having her sleep patterns monitored by the bombshell.

‘Is she keeping tabs on how many times he’s touching me in the night?’ she asked. Iconic.

But the best part of tonight’s outing comes from Luca and Gemma’s flirty interaction right in the closing moments. After she realised Davide may not be the man of her dreams, her attention shifted to cheeky chappy, Luca Bish.

Gemma and Luca flirted up in the privacy of the terrace (Picture; ITV)

The pair started to bond over their joint interest in sports, with Luca reminding Gemma of his love of football and racing, which led him to probe her further about her family.



‘He was quite close with my boyfriend,’ Gemma told him ‘He appreciates a guy that’s into sport and that kind of stuff. I’ve heard you talking about football and racing.’

‘I talk about football all the time. We’ll see if he knows what he’s talking about,’ Luca smiled, seeming to have quickly forgotten about Paige.



With that ending, jaws dropped across the nation. The whole country was left collectively screaming ‘it’s Michael Owen’ at the TV. And yes, that’s actually the second time that’s happened just this year.

Imagine the way Luca will kick himself when he finds out who Gemma’s dad is.

After a much more promising hour-and-a-bit of television than yesterday’s very dry outing, things are starting to actually take shape. Couples are feeling the pressure, especially as everyone knows they can never be safe from a shock dumping after last year’s savage start, which saw Shannon Singh exit after just two days.

While there is still a bit of work to be done to get us completely hooked, we’re being reeled in, slowly and surely, just as Luca does to his fish. Probably.

Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2. 

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