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Love Island review: A dramatic recoupling and beautifully awkward first date, what more could you ask for?

Love Island was beautifully awkward as Luca was prepared to stare daggers at Danica for choosing him in the recoupling (Picture: ITV)

Love Island 2022 is here in full force as we dealt with the fall-out of a dramatic recoupling, an awkward first date and the potential for more than one head being turned.

After the fallout of Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti’s explosive break-up and the arrival of new bombshell Danica Taylor – who had first choice at a surprise recoupling – Sunday’s episode was always going to be a banger.

And we certainly weren’t left disappointed, as Danica chose to couple up with the most loved-up boy in the villa, Luca Bish, who acted as though she had kicked his dog.

Of course, we all wanted to see what Ekin-Su would do when it came to her choice – but it was really never going to be Davide, was it?

No, she chose newcomer Jay Younger, who she kissed on the terrace and lied to Davide about, saying he made her feel like a ‘little girl on Christmas’.

Gemma Owen chose to save single lad Davide, because ‘the guy I was supposed to be coupling up with has been taken’.

Interestingly, Gemma said she chose the lad who had recently ‘showed his funny side’ more – if by ‘funny side’ she meant Davide calling Ekin-Su a ‘liar, actress, go the f*** out’.

Luca is head-over-heels for Gemma and his world fell apart when another woman said she fancied him. Tragic. (Picture: ITV)

Unfortunately, the recoupling meant Remi Lambert was unceremoniously dumped from the villa, and had to pack up and leave pretty much immediately.

Thus began a tremendously awkward one hour and five minutes, in which Luca – who previously said Danica was pretty but ‘she ain’t Gemma’ – acted like two-metre social distancing was still the law of the land every time he had to interact with her.

He instantly ran to Gemma, insisting Danica was ‘not in the picture… I want you and I don’t care.’

Luca has repeatedly made it clear he only has eyes for Gemma, and while she likes him, sure, it may be the case that he’s far more into her – judging by the long and awkward pause after he asked: ‘Are you gonna stick with me?’

The fishmonger is wearing his heart on his sleeve for 19-year-old Gemma (Picture: ITV)

Things were particularly awkward for Danica, as Luca couldn’t have made it more obvious he wasn’t interested, and Danica claiming ‘everyone doesn’t wanna f***ing talk to me’.

She chose to go for a chat with Davide – who spent most of the time complaining about essentially his ex, Ekin-Su, though they managed to get some awkward flirting in there… sort of? Is that flirting? Who knows.

Ekin-Su is absolutely loving life despite everything, admitting she ‘feels like I’m in a relationship’ now she gets to sleep in a bed with a guy she actually likes, and Jay admitting it feels ‘really natural’ with her.

Things worked out for Ekin-Su and Jay, at least (Picture: ITV)

But the awkwardness was far from over for the villa’s newest sort-of couple, as Danica tried to plead her case with Luca, accusing him (rightly) of acting totally off when she chose him at the recoupling.

‘I honestly thought you were like, “F*** off, don’t speak to me, not happy with you”,’ she said, adding: ‘I’m a big girl so if you feel that way it’s fine.’

He told her outright he did not want to sleep in the same bed with her, saying what he had was Gemma was something he ‘hasn’t felt in many years’, and later complained that Danica was ‘still laying it on’.

And because the producers of Love Island know exactly what viewers want, they sent Danica a text announcing she and Luca were going on their first date – just as she was trying to awkwardly explain herself to Gemma.


Luca was living in March 2020 as he kept as much distance as possible from his date (Picture: ITV)

The pair went on a would-be-romantic date on the beach, with Danica still awkwardly trying to make it a date while Luca (still social distancing) breezily announced he would be her wingman for another boy in the villa, and revealing how hopeful he was that the next time she went on a date she would get a kiss.

It wasn’t a total loss, though – Danica revealed she was also attracted to Jacques, who although being with Paige, admitted his head wasn’t ‘fully turning… yet’.

There were a few other highlights in the episode, particularly Ekin-Su trying (half-heartedly) to make it up with Davide, saying she lied because she was ‘confused’.

(And within minutes asking Davide what he thought of her new man, to which his response was, essentially, ‘Karma is a b***h.’)

It looks like there’s drama on the horizon for Dami and Amber (Picture: ITV)

It also seems there’s some new drama brewing, with Dami Hope admitting he has chemistry with Indiyah Polack but doesn’t want things with Amber to ‘explode’.

This, at the same time as Indiyah freely admits that there’s something ‘missing’ in her and Ikenna Ekwonna’s coupling (‘We’re here to find love and I don’t want to put up with something just for the sake of it.’)

The episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, as Dami admitting he’s got feelings for Indiyah just as Amber walks over – and soaps actress Ekin-Su does the worst acting ever in attempting to change the subject.

Amber however is not convinced by Ekin-Su’s ‘remember I was telling you I had a headache, well I got paracetamol’ story, and the final scenes saw Amber repeatedly asking why everyone was acting so weird.

It is going to be a long summer.

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