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Love Island: Worst ever chat up lines from ‘Beyonce and two Rihannas’ to role play and unicorns

Olivia Attwood, Tommy Fury and Dr. Alex George have all treated us to Love Island gems over the years (Picture: ITV)

Love Island is back and that means weeks of corny chat up lines, smooth talkers, people ‘cracking on’ and plenty of grafting.

Over the years, the hit ITV2 dating show has delivered all of that and more as hopeful romantics gather with a bunch of like-minded strangers in the iconic villa in Majorca in the search for love.

While there’s always a diamond in the rough, not every cheesy pickup line lands, and when it all goes wrong it can be just as entertaining – maybe even more so? – than the successes.

From Tommy Fury and Olivia Attwood to Dr. Alex and Chris Hughes, the Islanders have given us so many iconic moments, including plenty of cringey lines which we still remember for all the wrong reasons.

The new series kicks off tonight (June 6) at 9pm, so we’ve but together some of the best worst chat up lines of the past few years.

The one with Beyonce and two Rihannas?!

Tommy Fury was a master of cringey chat-up lines (Picture: ITV)

Tommy Fury gave us some cracking lines back in 2019 as he tried to impress surfer Lucie Donlan while she was with Joe Garrett.

On their first date, he said: ‘If Beyonce and 2 Rihannas walked in my head wouldn’t turn!’

It might have sounded better in his head…

All rainbows and unicorns

Jon Clark had some unique words for Hannah Elizabeth (Picture: ITV)

Back when Love Island returned in 2015, Jon Clark tried his best to smooth talk Hannah Elizabeth with what seemed like an attempt at a profound statement.

‘You make me feel like a rainbow. I feel like a unicorn,’ he said.

A sweet sentiment, at least!

Some role play and a broken heart

Dr. Alex’s line actually worked… (Picture: ITV)

Back in 2018, we referred to this as ‘the single worst chat up line of all time’ – and that might still be true.

Dr. Alex George couldn’t resist a bit of medical rumour and role play as he flirted with Alexandra Cane after she was left devastated when Paul Kopps moved on – which all came a couple of weeks after Alex pied her off.

However, he swooned her and said: ‘What we’re going to do is a bit of a role-play. I’ve heard you’ve got a broken heart, so I just wanted to come here and fix it.’

An Easter Egg that can’t be cracked

Cool Chris Hughes delighted viewers with his icy lines (Picture: ITV)

Chris Hughes had a habit of using the cold as an analogy a lot in the 2017 series, whether it was comparing himself to a ‘polar bear’ or saying he’d ‘hit ice – black ice’.

Our favourite was undoubtedly hearing him claim: ‘I’m like an Easter egg which has been fridged for too many days- you won’t crack me.’

Too cool.

He swears on his mum’s life

Tommy Fury shot his, er, shot – and missed on that occasion (Picture: ITV)

Back to Tommy Fury for another line, this time trying to chat up Amber Gill as Lucie was busy choosing between him and Joe Garratt.

He even pulled out the mum card, telling her: ‘Last night when we were on that bed it just felt like you were coming out more. It just hit me in a different direction. I swear down on my mum’s life, it’s made me think twice. Swear down when I was up there it was between you and it was between her.’

She wasn’t having any of it though, seeing through his lines and insisting she wouldn’t be second best.

Planning for the future

Everyone’s face when Siannise Fudge dropped this line (Picture: ITV)

In 2020, Siannise Fudge dialled her flirting to 11 as he used a VERY forward line to ‘shoot her shot’ – and then some – with Connagh Howard.

After pulling him away from bombshell Rebecca Gormley, she had a wild response when he said he wanted to get to know her a little better.

Leaving everyone stunned, she replied: ‘So do you want kids and marriage and stuff?’

Never use the same line more than once

Brad McClelland had a line and stuck with it (Picture: ITV)

People might get away with reusing chat-up lines in real life or on dating apps – after all, who would know? But Love Island doesn’t play by the same rules.

When Brad McClelland appeared to use the same line on three girls, it was broadcast to the whole of the UK, and viewers picked up the repeat.

‘I’ve only known the lass for two days, you’re more my type,’ he claimed on more than one occasion.

The WHAT whisperer?!

We can’t decide if these were brilliant or terrible (Picture: ITV)

Olivia Attwood gave us some absolute gems during her time in the villa, including the iconic moment she described herself as a ‘f**kboy whisperer’.

And who could forget her educating us all on the dangers of ‘d**k sand’. Be careful out there, people!

She explained: ‘It’s like when you’re carrying on your normal business and then you just, you either see loads of d**ks around or it’s just a boy you fancy and you just blueghhleghhgglgh fall in it, yeah that’s d**k sand. It’s pretty scary.’

Keeping things PG

Hugo Hammond tried to keep things PG (Picture: ITV)

Hugo Hammond left viewers cringing last summer when he tried to chat up Amy Day as they discussed the possibility of sharing a bed.

‘I’m a great sleeper. I don’t snore, good cuddler, and good chat, good pillow talk,’ he said before quickly trying to reassure her when she hinted at the chance of some action.

‘Obviously it’s going to be PG. I don’t have wandering hands, so that’s alright, you don’t have to worry about that.’

Something about carpentry and a fire breathing snake

Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde left us double over laughing in 2016 (Picture: ITV)

Finally, let’s go back to series two with 2016 winners Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, who had viewers in stitches with their exchanges.

When they first got together, she described herself as ‘a fire breather with a snake’, and his revelation about being a carpenter had her wondering if he was good with his hands. Oo-er.

She later talked to him about the idea of taking her home to enjoy a roast dinner at her nan’s, and he seemed keen.

She then asked him what his ‘favourite meat’ is, and he quickly joked: ‘You!’

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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