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Love Island’s Jake brilliantly pranks Liberty in the shower leaving viewers cracking up

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Jake managed to pour so much shampoo on Liberty’s head without her knowing (Picture: ITV2)

Love Island viewers were left in hysterics after a clip of Jake Cornish playing a prank on Liberty Poole in the shower was aired on Saturday’s show.

Jake, 24, was seen in the outdoor shower with Liberty, 21, on Saturdays Unseen Bits show, as he pretended to help her wash food out of her hair after a challenge.

While Liberty was attempting to clean her long blonde hair of the remnants, Jake decided he would drive her round the bend by making it impossible for her to rinse the shampoo out.

Every time Liberty turned around, Jake was secretly squeezing more and more shampoo on top of her head without her noticing, leading to a lather that just wasn’t diminishing.

Liberty was seen getting confused and asking him for help washing it out, to which Jake just told her to keep scrubbing and scrubbing.

Unsurprisingly, scrubbing was not the issue as she ended up with more and more product in her hair while he giggled to the others when he back was turned.






Jake could be heard telling her: ‘You’ve got loads! Can you not shower? It’s men’s shampoo so it’s different. It’s ‘cos this is men’s shampoo, it’s in there for longer.’

Viewers were loving seeing the interaction between the two, tweeting: ‘not jake ruining liberty’s hair’ and ‘Howling at Jake constantly putting more shampoo on Liberty’s hair as she’s trying to wash it out’.

Others added: ‘No cause Jake and Liberty washing hair scene was so cute’, ‘want more of jake and liberty pls’ and ‘why is liberty so f**king pretty look at her showering and still looking like a freaking princess im tired’.

Love Island continues on Sunday from 9pm on ITV2. 

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