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Lucifer: Season 6 ending explained

How will season six of Lucifer come to an end? (Picture: Netflix)

Warning: spoilers ahead for Lucifer season six.

Lucifer fans finally got to see the show come to its conclusion this week after it dropped on Netflix on Friday – but what happened in the season 6 ending?

The Netflix show has been entertaining fans since 2015, but it was finally time to bring to an end the story of Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and girlfriend Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

It was confirmed this would be a sixth and final season of the comedy/drama and with the last batch of episodes now available to stream, fans will finally get to view the ending to the tale.

What happened in the Lucifer ending?

Will Chloe and Lucifer get their happy ending? (Picture: John P Fleenor/Netflix)

Lucifer and detective Chloe found out they had managed to conceive a daughter.

Fans got an insight into the future, showing their girl Aurora (Brianna Hildebrand) aka Rory which made Lucifer’s planned ascension to the throne of God decidedly more challenging.

The flash forwards also show Lucifer having created abandonment issues for his daughter, with Rory angered by the fact she had left her before she was born.

The Deckerstar daughter travelled in time to find out what happened, with it emerging later Lucifer had to return to Hell after Amenadiel becomes God – which is why he is forced to leave his girls behind.

Chloe and Lucifer’s daughter time travelled in season 6 (Picture: Netflix/John P Fleenor)

Fans saw Chloe give birth to Rory and a journey through the rest of Chloe’s life – leading to her telling her daughter she would see her in heaven.

However, after she meets Amenadiel at the place in between, there was another twist to come, where it’s revealed Chloe actually is sent to Hell.

Lucifer and Chloe were reunited in Hell with fans getting one last moment of romance as the pair seal their future with a kiss.

Will there be new Lucifer episodes after the season six finale?

The final season dropped on Netflix on Friday September 10 (Picture: John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

No, Lucifer will not be returning after season six, with it having already been confirmed as the final season of the series.

However, there are many questions fans still want answered – despite a pretty satisfying ending – and the finale leaves the franchise with potential room for more in the future.

What have the Lucifer cast said about the series finale?

Some of the cast have spoken out in an interview with EW to discuss the plot of the final season.

Main man Tom Ellis gave his thoughts on the ending: ‘I really hope that we’ve done service to everything else we’ve done before it, and I feel that we have.

‘We did talk painstakingly about “How do we end this?” And “What’s the right way to end it?” And all of those things.

‘It was an interesting time because everyone was so invested in these characters and in this show that we really cared that we did this right.

‘I feel like we got to a place where we did that, and I really strongly believe that our fans will think the same thing… I feel like we’ve done ourselves proud in that department.’

Lucifer season one to six can be streamed on Netflix now.


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