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Made In Chelsea: Ollie Locke and husband storing up ‘nice full load’ for surrogacy

Made In Chelsea stars Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth are stocking up on their sperm so they can have a ‘full, nice load’ for their surrogate.

The reality stars, who wed last year, have started their journey to parenthood via surrogacy and are hoping to welcome their first child by the end 2021 at the earliest.

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of Made in Chelsea, Ollie explains to his good friend Sophie Hermann how he and Gareth are preparing for the arrival of their little one.

‘We are actually trying to save the best sperm for later, for the surrogacy process,’ Ollie reveals.

A perplexed Sophie replies: ‘Surely that’s not really how it works?’

‘That’s not how it works,’ Gareth points out.

Ollie and Gareth are set to become parents via surrogacy (Picture: E4)

‘Well, I like the idea of stocking it up as much as we can so it’s a full, nice load,’ Ollie declares, prompting Sophie to gag.

Wanting to know the ins and outs of their road to surrogacy, Sophie asks: ‘Do you jizz in a cup and they mush it together?’

‘I think it’s a little more technical than that,’ Ollie replies. ‘We’re mixing it together and I have no interest in finding out whose it is. It is both of our child.’

Sophie had a question or two about the surrogacy process (Picture: E4)

‘Literally within this year or very early next year, we will be parents,’ Ollie continues. ‘As we speak right now, there is a nursery being built in our house.’

‘We’re having the whole house refurbed and baby-proofed,’ Gareth adds.

Surrogacy is an arrangement whereby an unborn child is carried by a woman – the ‘surrogate mother’ – and handed over at birth to other people who it is intended will be the child’s parents. The arrangement must be made before the woman begins to carry the child.

Couples who wish to have a child but who are unable to carry the child themselves – for example, because a woman is physically unable to carry the child, or it would be dangerous for her to do so, or it is a gay male couple – may consider surrogacy as a route to creating their family.

The woman who carries the baby is called the surrogate mother. The couple who commission the surrogacy are referred to as the ‘intended parents’.

Made In Chelsea airs tonight at X on E4.

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