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Man balances chimney on his head in baffling feat on This Morning leaving us with so many questions

A man has achieved an absolutely incredible feat that no one could have possibly imagined, balancing a chimney on his head. Yes, really.

On Tuesday’s This Morning, John Evans, from Derbyshire, appeared on the show to reveal his latest baffling feat.

Last year, he managed to balance a Christmas tree on his head, having previously performed the same act with objects including bricks, milk crates and cars.

Today, the 74-year-old astounded presenters Rochelle Humes and Vernon Kay when he took on a chimney, putting a smoke pellet inside to give the impression of the chimney smoking and then putting on a special cap to rest the structure on top of his head.

With an aim to achieve 100 word records for head balancing feats by his next birthday in March, John’s latest challenge astounded This Morning viewers, with one describing him as ‘so random and eccentric’.

‘Only on #thismorning could you find a man balancing a chimney on his head,’ someone else remarked.

Who hasn’t thought about balancing a chimney on their head? (Picture: ITV)
Rochelle and Vernon were in awe (Picture: ITV)

Rochelle and Vernon’s jaws dropped as he carried the chimney, expressing their amazement as he continued while chatting to them.

‘Oh my goodness!’ the former Saturdays singer exclaimed, as she and her co-host applauded and burst into laughter with amazement.

Not only has he broken several world records, but John has also raised more than £250,000 for charity through his acts.

He recently spoke to Reuters about his accomplishments, explaining that he has one eye, is diabetic, has asthma and has angina.

‘This one [the chimney] … will be hopefully my 99th world record and then coming up to my 75th birthday, I’m having a big five foot by five foot crown made and I’m going to balance that on my head and it will be my 100th world record,’ he said.

In the past, John made headlines by carrying a stripped-out Mini on his head.

‘It was 357 pounds (162 kg) and I managed to balance it … for 20 seconds on my head … if that had gone wrong, it would have killed me,’ he said.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.


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