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Man begs for help as ‘macaroni toenails’ smell so bad he needs to wear three pairs of socks

My Feet Are Killing Me returned with a man needing help with his ‘macaroni like’ toenails that smell so badly he needs to wear three pairs of socks.

Michael goes to see foot specialist Dr Brad Schaeffer in the latest episode, saying he was scared to even show anyone his problem because it would ‘give them nightmares’.

Undeterred, Dr Brad quickly removed the socks and shoes to reveal his thick and heavy-set toe nails that have started curling into each other.

Comparing them to macaroni pasta spirals, Dr Brad quickly dubs Michael’s condition ‘the worst toenail fungus he’s ever seen’.

‘I’m very nervous because nobody’s seen my feet in 18 years, except for my sister Rosie,’ he told the cameras. ‘No friends, no family, no nothing.

‘I don’t want to scare anybody. Part of the reason I didn’t go see doctor was because I was so embarrassed. I was ashamed of people see my feet.’

Michael had hidden his feet for 18 years (Picture: TLC)
The doctor was shocked at the state of the feet (Picture: TLC)

Speaking to the medical expert, he explained how sometimes the smell of the fungal infection would get so overwhelming he would have to wear multiple pairs of socks just to hide it.

Dr Brad then told him that would have likely made his situation worse, not better, as the infection spreads in sweaty environments.

Revealing the black toenails in the socks, Michael is hoping that fixing the problem will help him get more of a normal life back.

Thankfully, the New Jersey doctor was able to help him out, filing down the toenails and giving him advice to stop it from happening again.

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