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Marcus Rashford fans demand knighthood for Manchester United legend over Feeding Britain’s Children documentary

Fans have demanded a knighthood for Marcus Rashford following his documentary, Feeding Britain’s Children.

The Manchester United footballer has publicly battled against child food poverty this year, and campaigned for the government to extend free school meals during the pandemic – a move which was applauded by many.

His efforts were further explored in a new BBC special, which explored the 23-year-old’s return to his roots moments from his past, with his iconic mum, Melanie, as well his efforts to get children fed during lockdown.

‘There was times when there wasn’t any food there,’ he told the camera. You’d just go to sleep.

‘It should never be normal for somebody to feel how I felt.

‘When you get to the position that I’m in now, I feel like if they’re in need and they don’t have anyone really fighting for them, they I should be the one that does it.’

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Marcus’ mum opened up about working three jobs in the past (Picture: BBC)

Mum Melanie said: ‘Marcus has provided a home for me and I sit in my room sometimes and I just cry.

‘You just sit there, crying on your own, because you’re thinking about where you’ve come from to where you’re at now.

‘Sometimes we didn’t even have a loaf of bread in the house. It’s embarrassing to say, but we didn’t.

‘But I wouldn’t tell somebody I was struggling either. It was embarrassing. That’s why I had three jobs. I just had to try and work and get money from working.’

The England ace’s work ensured around 1.3 million children were able to claim free school meal vouchers over the summer holidays, with another £400m package later announced.


Viewers were moved by the show, and urged Marcus – who became an MBE in October – to be given a knighthood for his work so far.

Flocking to Twitter, one penned: ‘This is beyond football. Hard working people are getting s**t on.

‘Kids should not be starving in this country, its a f’ing disgrace that is happening. Give Rashford a knighthood!!’

‘@MarcusRashford when are u getting your knighthood? The battle against child hunger isn’t over but u deserve the right recognition right! [sic],’ another replied.

A follower agreed: ‘#MarcusRashford I know playing football is his life but hes deffo heading for a bigger calling in life hes not going away [sic].’






Many others were left in tears by the scenes, praising Marcus for his hard work throughout the pandemic.

‘You are an amazing incredible and very inspirational person, I have tears in my eyes, observing the humanity you display to our fellow citizens in need, thank you #MarcusRashford,’ a Twitter user penned.

‘Watching this #MarcusRashford documentary in tears! Absolute respect to him for using his platform to give back,’ a fan said.

‘The reality of what so many families are facing in this country is heartbreaking. It should not be this way.’

‘Marcus I was in tears, your an inspiration to the entire world,’ a sports fan urged. ‘The world is with you. My captain, my captain!’

As another commented: ‘@MarcusRashford you are an absolute gem! Just cried nigh on a litre of tears watching your Beeb doco.

‘Let’s keep the pressure on and doing what we know is right.’

Speaking of the episode, Marcus tweeted: ‘I don’t even know why I’m so sad watching this.

‘I’m just really proud of how far we’ve come and thankful to the game of football for helping us out. Just wish every child had the same opportunity.

‘That has to be the goal for 2021 – an equal playing field for all.’

Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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