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Mare of Easttown: Episode 6 recap and when is the finale?

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The story is heading towards an epic conclusion (Credits: © 2021 Home Box Office, Inc. Al)

Mare of Easttown kept rolling tonight with the penultimate episode of Kate Winslet’s gripping crime drama.

The series – which is set to end next week and has boasted a stellar cast – is keeping everyone guessing right to the end with Mare Sheeran leading the investigation.

The Sky Atlantic show has made for fantastic viewing with its complexity and intelligence, with its leading star at at the helm as it nears its conclusion.

With last week’s episode revealing Katie and Missy had been found and returned home, Erin’s story has taken centre stage as we get closer to the end.

Here are the key points about what went down this week in Sore Must Be the Storm…

Mare of Easttown episode 6 recap

There was a lot to unpack as the tension was ramped up over the past couple of episodes, with Billy emerging as the killer.

Mare found a Ross family reunion jumper with one of Erin’s old shirts, with the date matching the date inscribed on her necklace.

It turns out that John and Billy were both there that weekend, and the latter’s suspicious exit in last week’s episode is only the tip of the iceberg.

His dad admitted he came home the night of Erin’s murder covered in blood, and John confronted his brother, leading to tearful confession.

However, before he can properly confess, John suggests a fishing trip, with Billy finding a gun in his tackle box, which he keeps for himself.

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Kate Winslet has shone in the series (Credits: © 2021 Home Box Office, Inc. Al)

There was time for another twist, as Lori – who had been sworn to secrecy – told Mare that Billy is Deejay’s father, and he killed Erin after she threatened to tell everyone.

This led to the detective speeding to get to Billy, but things might not be exactly as they seem.

The closing moments of the episode provided one last twist, as Jess arrived at the police station with the photo she took from Erin’s journal.

When Chief Carter saw the picture, he looked stunned and told his men to let Mare know – but she’s already on her way to arrest Billy.

How many episodes are there of Mare of Easttown?

There are seven in the series, which means there’s just one more episode to go for Mare of Easttown.

Next week’s edition promises to be a tense finale, with Sacrament due to air on Monday May 31 at 9pm.

However, if you can’t wait until then, the episode will be shown at 3am on the Monday morning as it airs in the US.

Mare of Easttown continues May 31 on Sky Atlantic.

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