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Married At First Sight Australia fans furious as Dan Webb defends ‘sneaking around’ with Jessika Power

Married At First Sight Australia fans were left furious with Dan Webb as he was seen defending his decision to ‘sneak around’ with Jessika Power behind wife Tamara Joy’s back.

Season six of MAFS Australia first aired in 2019 down under, but UK viewers are only just getting the chance to see all the action play out on E4.

So far, it’s been non-stop drama and Dan and Jess are at the centre of a new cheating scandal, after going behind their partners’ backs and kissing in secret during the last dinner party.

Monday night’s episode saw the couples take part in another homestay, with Dan travelling to Melbourne to hang out with Tamara and her family at home.

While there, he was seen secretly taking a phone call from Jess and making plans to meet up with her back in Sydney, with viewers left livid as Dan then defended his behaviour and insisted he had to be ‘sneaky’ in order to protect Tamara’s feelings.

After finishing the call with Jess, Dan was seen lying to Tamara as he told her he’d be on the phone for an ‘insurance thing for work’, with the dad-of-one later telling the camera: ‘It’s sneaky, [but I’m] doing that solely for her feelings, I don’t want to hurt her.’

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Dan took a secret phone call from Jess behind Tamara’s back (Picture: E4)

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Viewers vented their frustration over Dan (Picture: Twitter)

Dan said: ‘I’ve got a lot of emotions going round in my head, it’s bloody tough.’

Viewers watching at home were left irked by his comment, with one commenting on Twitter: ‘Oh behave Dan! Saving her feelings by being sneaky about another woman? Is he having a laugh! The amount of sh*t men believe in their own heads and then expect you to believe never ceases to amaze me! #MAFSAustralia.’

Another tweeted: ‘I do think that Dan and Jess do share a complete lack of values #mafsau #mafsaustralia He is not telling Tam solely to protect her feelings apparently.’

‘#MAFSAustralia Dan the 100% melt in his Flamingo shirt telling Tamara his call was insurance for work. What lies, what a muppet,’ one viewer fumed, as another vented: ‘I feel bad for Tamara. She’s wasting her time with Dan.’

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An unaware Tamara planned a surprise day date for Dan (Picture: E4)
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Jess revealed her plans to pursue Dan (Picture: E4)

A blissfully unaware Tamara was then seen planning a day date with Dan along the Great Ocean Road, with Dan suggesting her efforts could persuade him to reconsider pursuing Jess.

‘I’m pretty confused I’m playing two girls at once. I find Jess attractive, but I was matched with Tam for a reason. So I’m asking myself questions every day… maybe I was a bit impatient,’ Dan confessed.

‘It’s sort of made me realise that Tam can be easy to speak to when she’s relaxed. Maybe I haven’t given Tam the respect she deserves.’

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Jessika and Dan secretly kissed behind their partners’ backs (Picture: E4)

‘Stating the obvious there Dan. Kissing someone other than your wife is not respectful. #MAFSAustralia,’ one viewer responded on social media.

Jess, meanwhile, faced backlash from viewers for suggesting Dan had been the one to pull him aside at the last dinner party, when she had been the one to make the first move which led to the pair locking lips.

While Mick was sat downstairs with her step-father, Jess was seen having a private conversation with her sister to get her advice over pursuing things with Dan.

Dan and Tamara were late arrivals to the experiment, following the controversial exits of two couples, Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish and Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinoff, after Ines and Sam’s affair was uncovered.

Married At First Sight Australia airs weeknights at 7.30pm on E4.


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