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Married At First Sight Australia: Furious bride demands to smell groom’s hands after he goes to the toilet

A bride on Married At First Sight Australia was unable to hide her utter disgust at her groom when she accused him of not washing his hands when he went to the toilet.

When it comes to relationships, everyone can likely list off the habits that drive them up the wall, from leaving the toilet seat up to letting the bin overfill.

For MAFS Australia’s Jaimie Gardner, not washing your hands when you go to the bathroom – or apparently not doing so – is a massive turn-off.

In season eight of the reality show, which is currently airing on Nine in Australia, Jaimie is paired with Chris Jensen as part of the matchmaking process.

In a new clip from the series, it looks like their relationship isn’t going that smoothly… with Chris expressing his belief that Jaimie is ‘disappointed with who’s standing in front of her’.

While sampling some wine at Beresford Estate, Chris gets up to go to the toilet.

Chris tries to convince Jaimie his hands are squeaky clean (Picture: Nine)

When he gets back, before he’s even sat down, Jaimie exclaims: ‘You didn’t wash your hands.’

As Chris voices his confusion, Jaimie reiterates her disdain stating: ‘Yuck, that’s gross.’

While Chris tries to assure her that he did in fact wash his hands when he went to the bathroom, Jaimie requires further proof.

‘Let me smell them,’ she says, as Chris, in disbelief, responds: ‘Oh my god. That is weird.’

Despite trying to convince Jaimie yet again that he did wash his hands, telling her that he washed them with water, she takes this to mean that he didn’t use soap.

‘There’s f***ing soap for a reason you dirty grot,’ she says while scolding him, before adding: ‘Ugh, so unattractive.’

Chris reckons Jaimie just isn’t that keen on him (Picture: Nine)

Speaking separately to the camera, Chris explains that he doesn’t want to ‘get involved with any of the bad banter’.

‘I honestly think that she’s disappointed with who’s standing in front of her,’ he admits.

Several MAFS fans couldn’t believe the scene that was unfolding before their eyes when they watched the clip on social media.

‘This cannot be real,’ one person commented on Twitter.

‘Classic example of polarity,’ someone else remarked.

While the eighth season of MAFS Australia plays out in the land down under, season six of the dating show recently proved a massive hit in the UK when it aired on E4.

One of the stars of the show, Jessika Power, recently teased that she would consider a move to the UK if the right opportunity arose.

Married At First Sight Australia is available to stream in the UK on All 4.

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