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Married At First Sight Australia: Jess Power reveals stars ‘lost a lot of money’ being on show

Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power revealed that the show’s stars ‘lost a lot of money’ by taking part.

Season six of MAFS was filmed in 2018 but is only airing in the UK now and, thanks to lockdown, we’re all massively invested in every single dramatic turn.

While the series seems hugely glamorous, with luxury weddings, honeymoon trips to Fiji and beyond, and swanky Gold Coast stays, Jess told that it’s actually a very different story.

Chatting about her severed bond with Mick Gould – who she cheated on with Dan Webb – and his tearful reaction to their revelation, she spilled the beans on the truth behind the scenes.

‘To be fair, he wanted to go for a really long time, and Mick… He’s a creature of comfort,’ she told us.

‘He wanted to go back to his farm, back to his animals and he wanted to just go back to work. He lost a lot of money being there, we all did actually.

My Celebrity Life –
Jess opened up about Mick’s tearful reaction to her affair (Picture: Nine)

‘We didn’t earn a lot of money doing the show at all. And you also can’t work until the show finishes airing, and you’ve done all your publicity and that’s like a month. Probably about a six-seven month process [overall].

‘You’re living off like 150 bucks a day so I think that was it as well. It was frustration being locked up in a hotel room on his own for months, the constant run around I was giving him… Just the humiliation, as a male his pride was hurt.’

Jess had MAFS viewers truly shocked with some of her antics on the show – which played out Down Under two years ago – especially concerning her romance with Dan Webb.

However, she insisted there was a lot more partner swapping going down that didn’t make the final scenes.

My Celebrity Life –
Dan and Jess secretly had an affair behind their partners’ backs (Picture: E4)

In fact, she claimed Susie Bradley secretly went to visit Mick at one point.

Yes, seriously.

‘Mick told me that he had been texting Susie. And that Susie had come and seen him when he was in his room, to see if he was okay…,’ she continued.

‘And I brought it up with Susie at the dinner table, even though like I had no leg to stand on.

‘So I brought it up to Susie and I was like, “So I heard that you were in Mick’s room the other night”.’

Jess claimed that Susie denied the whole thing, but she didn’t let it go, and asked Mick to clear things up.

She added: ‘That never came out because there was no storyline to it.’

What else have we missed out on?


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