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Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power hits back over ‘hateful death threats’ as she tells UK viewers to ‘get a hobby’

Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power has begged viewers to ‘get a hobby’ while hitting back over death threats.

The star appeared in season six of the dating show, which was filmed in 2018 – but is airing in the UK now on E4.

Fans have been left shocked at her antics, as she embarked on a secret affair with Dan Webb, despite the pair being married to Mick Gould and Tamara Joy respectively.

On Tuesday’s instalment, she also clashed with Mike Gunner, over a revelation she made about Ning Surasiang and Mark Scriven’s budding romance.

However, taking to her Instagram story, the 28-year-old revealed her DMs were filled with nasty messages about the scenes, which first played out Down Under two years ago.

‘I want to let you guys all know, to everybody that inboxes me, I do see it. I don’t reply to half of you, I sit there and laugh with my partner at half of you,’ she began.

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Jessika hit back at fans on her Instagram story (Picture: Instagram)

‘The show was three years ago, and I really need you all to truly try and get that through your heads. I’m glad that you’re all getting to watch the reunion after because it can give you a better perspective of me and who I am.

‘I have made amends with everybody on the show that I need to make amends with. I was a nasty, horrible b***h and I’m so aware of that.

‘Actually I was grateful I got the chance to be on the show, because I got to see all my bad points, all my bad qualities and traits, thrown at me on a TV screen.’

Discussing the scenes, Jessika confessed that they made her step back and ‘fix’ some things about her that she didn’t like seeing.

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Jessika and Dan Webb have been growing closer in the shocking scenes (Picture: E4)

She also implored people to keep following her on the ‘gram, so they can see her true self.

‘I don’t really mind if you all want to keep sending me these hateful, nasty death threats and whatever else you can muster up in that head of yours,’ she continued.

‘But I’m just letting you know I do see them, I think you guys are amazing. Even my haters…’

Addressing those viewers who are only watching the drama unfold now, she said: ‘I just want to let us all know, all the nasty people that message, I think you’re all really funny, and it’s sad you all live in a reality TV show.

‘I know you guys don’t have anything else over there at the moment, I know that you’ve got lockdown and stuff. But just remember that I am a normal human being, and the messages kind of suck.

‘This is why people hurt themselves, so please remember that your words are powerful. This is the internet, you can say wherever you want behind your keyboard but don’t make an assumption on who I am based off a show three years ago, because it is completely a different person.’

Jessika ended the rant by informing followers: ‘Don’t worry, I was held very much accountable for my actions, if you’re all just wondering.

‘I’ve made really good friends with everybody from the show. You guys just need to get a hobby.’

So, that’s that then.

Married At First Sight Australia season six airs on weeknights, at 7.30, on E4.


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