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Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power reveals truth behind Nic Jovanovic scenes: ‘I didn’t hit on him’

Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power insisted that she didn’t ‘hit on’ Nic Jovanovic.

The pair appeared on MAFS season six, which was filmed in 2018 but is currently airing in the UK on E4.

Viewers were left shocked when Jess appeared to make a move on Nic, despite them being married to Cyrell Paule and Mick Gould at the time.

While nothing came of the footage, she caused a huge scandal when she embarked on an affair with Dan Webb shortly after.

However, lifting the lid on what went down in a candid chat with, the star was adamant that all is not as it seemed.

‘So you remember there was a big fight between Martha, Cyrell, Nic, Mick, and me down in Martha’s hotel room, and Cyrell goes crazy and throws s**t,’ she told us.

Nic was with Cyrell Paule at the time the scenes were filmed (Picture: Nine)

‘What they made out to you guys was that there were a few days in between that fight, and then we had the dinner party where I “hit on Nic”.

‘What happened was the dinner party was the next night, straightaway. My producer said to me, “Well, why don’t you go grab Nic and just see if he’s alright?” I was like, “Why?” because I was too busy talking to Dan.’

Jess revealed that, prior to this, she was questioned by producers on whether she thought Nic was good looking, to which she replied that he was ‘really attractive’ but thought nothing more of it.

‘Anyway, I was out there having a conversation with him and I remember he started laughing, saying: “I’ve just never been hit on like this”,’ she continued. ‘I said, “I’m not hitting on you, I’m asking you if you’re okay, because along the way, I have developed like some kind of feelings towards you”.

‘I’m stuttering there because I know how my wording is coming out, this could come across bad but I already had said prior, “I’m just checking to make sure you’re okay because Cyrell was like a cyclone last night”.’

Jessika revealed Dan Webb split with her over the footage (Picture: Nine)

The star claimed that producers said they would be leaving the footage out of the final edit.

‘I never actually properly hit on him. It 100% looks like I did, but I didn’t,’ she vowed.

They carried on separately in the experiment, but the footage caused a stir at the MAFS reunion when their co-stars dissected the drama.

An upset Dan later dumped Jess over the scenes – something that she was baffled over.

‘I basically moved my entire life. I left my work, friends, family… Everything to just move here for this guy, on a whim, who I thought loved me. And we broke up on live TV,’ she said elsewhere in the chat.

‘It was because he watched back the reunion when I hit on Nic, which he already knew. First of all, before it was even shown or filmed at our reunion, he knew about it.

‘We were together the entire time, up until the end of this season airing on our TV. He’s known that this is going to be shown. And then blows up on live TV and breaks up with me.’

‘But then I find out from Tamara months later – because her and I are really good friends now – that it was all planned, apparently,’ she added.

‘You know what, that’s fine. I now have come to terms with it.’

Married At First Sight Australia season six airs tonight, at 8.30pm, on E4.


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