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Married At First Sight UK viewers voice support for Luke after brutal vow renewal ceremony with Morag in finale

Married At First Sight UK fans have voiced their staunch support for Luke Dawson after his brutal vow renewal ceremony with Morag Crichton, with viewers expressing their disbelief that the couple decided to stay together.

During last night’s finale of MAFS UK, which was delayed following technical issues on E4 and Channel 4, Luke, 36, and Morag, 30, came together to reveal whether they had decided to finish the experiment as a couple.

Viewers were dubious over the couple’s future considering the many ups and downs they’ve had throughout their time on the show, including the multiple occasions Morag made it clear that Luke wasn’t the man that she had expected to be waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Luke was the first to share his vows, explaining that he was scared to be hurt again, having suffered painful breakups in previous relationships.

However, he went on to say that he believes in his relationship with Morag and so he wants to remain in their marriage, with the aim of travelling the world together.

Next up was Morag, who said that she signed up to take part in MAFS UK due to a fear of ending up alone.

Viewers were shocked by Morag’s decision to stay in the marriage (Picture: E4)

She said that she wanted ‘a ready-made man and not a project’, a line that sparked fury among several fans who disliked the reference to LUke as a ‘project’.

Recalling her realisation early on that she and Luke were ‘polar opposites’, Morag said that she was worried that Luke wasn’t being ‘genuine’, as she thought that he was maybe not prioritising his ‘own needs and desires’ over hers.

Some fans believe Luke deserves better (Picture: E4)

Nonetheless, Morag ended her vows by revealing her desire to stay in a relationship with Luke, saying that she wants him in her ‘past, present and future’ and adding that she feels ‘so grateful’ that she was matched up with him.

Viewers are yet to find out if Luke and Morag lasted after the experiment, which should be revealed on Monday when the reunion show airs on E4.

While watching the vow renewal ceremony, one fan said that it was ‘horrible to watch’ Morag describe Luke as ‘a project, timid, insecure/not comfortable in his own skin’.






‘Does she even realise she is tearing him down with what she is saying? He is a MAN. Kind, caring, reassuring, loving,’ they added.

‘The fact that Luke thought Morag’s speech was romantic when she literally called him a project,’ someone else said, while another remarked: ‘The things Morag has said will stay with Luke forever those insults stick.’

One viewer voiced their bafflement over the fact that Morag referred to how she previously admitted that she needed to drink alcohol in order to be physically attracted to her partner.

‘Did Morag really just say in her own vows that she didn’t need a glass of wine anymore to be attracted to Luke?…. as a compliment?….,’ they asked.

Some people believe that Morag may have let slip that she and Luke are no longer an item after she posted pictures on Instagram from the Afters show without a wedding ring on.

A sneak peek at next week’s reunion teased the couple in a heated conversation, fuelling speculation that their romance may have come to an end.

Married At First Sight UK is available to watch on All 4.


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