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Mary Cook dead aged 92: Gogglebox star’s best bits from kangaroo penises to impromptu musical performances

Maria and Marina gave us plenty of laughs (Picture: Jude Edginton/Channel 4)

Gogglebox star Mary Cook has died aged 92, with fans mourning and remembering her best moments.

She first appeared alongside best friend Marina Wingrove back in 2016, and spent the next five years delighting viewers with their hilarious banter and genuinely lovely moments.

From kangaroo penises and ‘organisms’ to a racy night with Bear Grylls and My Way, Mary has given fans plenty of memories for the last half a decade.

Whether we were laughing or crying, she delighted viewers with her dry and witty remarks, as they both showed us all what true friendship is.

‘Bristolians Mary & Marina met at St Monica Trust retirement village over 10 years ago and had been friends ever since,’ Channel 4 wrote in a tribute. ‘They joined Gogglebox in 2016 at the start of series eight and became instant fan favourites due to their brilliantly witty and often cheeky comments.’

With that said, here are some of Mary’s best moments.

‘I used to w**k about then!’


Oh, Mary.

After a beautiful rendition of Fly Me To The Moon, Marina told Mary she should go on Britain’s Got Talent, but she suggested she’d left it too late and accidentally made a very rude comment.

‘I couldn’t be bothered. I should’ve done that when I was about 10 years old. I used to w**k about then,’ she replied, before realising what she’d said and laughing. ‘No, I never used to w**k about then. I meant singing about, you know?’

A very rude-looking cactus


We’ll never forget Mary and Marina cracking up over a rather rude looking cactus, which Marina agreed looked just like ‘meat and two veg’.

‘Oh yeah, it looks like several things, doesn’t it?! Let’s see,’ Mary howled, before reminiscing about ‘long, long gone days’.

In the same clip (which is packed full of hilarious moments), there’s also the gem of Mary getting confused between ‘organism’ and ‘orgasm’ (she meant the latter) – it really was non-stop laughs.

‘I did it my way’


In one particularly emotional moment – doubly poignant now – Mary delivered an impromptu rendition of My Way, with Marina joining in as her pal tried to remember the words.

‘I forgets the words,’ she smiled, as her friend told her how well she did.

‘On the hop, that was very good,’ she added while applauding.

If you need us, we’re having a good cry singing along to that on repeat for the rest of the day!

Bear Grylls in a hotel room


Mary admitted she didn’t fancy heading into the wilderness with adventurer Bear Grylls, although she had other ideas as she said: ‘If Bear Grylls came knocking on my door expecting to take me on an expedition like this, I wouldn’t go. But if he came and knocked on this door and took me to some nice hotel…’

Marina suggested that sounded a bit tame for the outdoorsman, but her pal quickly replied: ‘It wouldn’t be tame for him, after he’d been in the room with me.’

Rumpy pumpy


‘I want somebody to put some life into me,’ Mary said as she and Marinda said they wanted a bit of companionship, and her friend insisted they didn’t need any ‘rumpy pumpy stuff’ at their age.

‘I don’t know,’ Mary pondered. ‘I don’t know whether I would or not, I’ve forgotten what it’s all about! I can’t remember!’

Kangaroo penis, a naked man in the flat and contraceptives


This is another brilliant compilation with some classic moments with Mary and Marina, all starting with a hilarious chat about kangaroo penis.

In another clip in the same video, she also cracked up telling a story about a naked man in the nearby flats, and the two pals had a debate about facial hair before Mary thought retail therapy was ‘something medical’.

‘Do you still know me now?’


This is so wholesome, and a perfect representation of their friendship.

Marina showed Mary her new ‘snoody’, and asked if her pal recognised her with half her face covered.

‘No, not very well,’ she admitted. ‘I might [recognise you] because I know you well, but you could get away with anything! Hold everybody up, hold somebody up. “Let’s have your money!” ‘

So pure!

Gogglebox airs on Channel 4.

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